The pitfalls of in house google adwords accounts

So you have a good website and you have a staff of people to work on your website and manage the pay per click campaign. One of your office employees learns and understands the complicated Google AdWords system and they have had great results and a high ROI using and managing AdWords on a daily basis, or worse you have an employee manging your AdWords account who doesn’t know what they are doing.

If you are not managing or monitoring your Adwords campaign on a daily basis I can guarantee you are losing money. So everything is fine with your Adwords campaign until suddenly the person who is managing it quits, gets fired, laid off, dies, or any number of reasons you can lose a good employee to.  Now what do you do. You can’t even log into the account and your bids are now at $10 per click because you fired the Adwords manager and now they are a disgruntled employee. Every second is money going out the window, and possibly lost customers and revenue.

There is a simple way to save money, free up a employee to do other tasks, eliminate that position, insure yourself against malicious attacks on your Adwords campaigns and increase your ROI. Authority SEO has a Pay Per Click management program that not only gets you the most out of your PPC budget but safeguards your campaign from being damaged by an unhappy employee. We analyze each and every keyword to eliminate wasted clicks, improve ads, direct ads to proper landing pages, prevent click fraud, and make you more money Contact Authority SEO today to get your PPC spending under control.