Top 10 Shopping Comparison E-commerce Websites

Shopping comparison websites or called “shopping portals” are websites that show comparisons of products for people to browse through to find the right merchant to buy from.  Though price is often a factor, customer reviews and other trust factors play a vital role in determining who a person will buy from.

When evaluating shopping comparison websites for e-commerce it is important understand not only clicks though how though clicks convert to sales and eventually calculate a return on investment.  What you will find often that different shopping comparison sites offer different value for your products and each one has specific ways to optimize the campaign.

Authority SEO works with clients to track the exact ROI for each different shopping portal that is used.  This allows for better decision making on budgets and which websites to continue doing business with.

Top 10 Shopping Comparison Sites for E-Commerce

  1. Google Shopping
  2. Shopzilla
  3. Nextag
  4. Pricegrabber
  5. Bing Cashback
  6. Amazon Product Ads
  7. Become
  8. Smarter
  9. Pronto