Mobile Web the Future of Internet Trends

smartphones blackberry iponeNever mind slow progress: Mary Meeker, head of the world tech research group at Morgan Stanley believes that the mobile Internet will be bigger desktop Internet within the next five years, according to her new report titled “State of the Internet.”  Meeker says that 5 paramount trends will boost this amazing opportunity: 3G mobile networks, social media, Web videos, voice over IP (VOIP) and advances in smart phones.  Mobile’s earth shattering pace is “unprecedented I think, in world history,” said Meeker.

She also offers looking to Japan for indicators in investment possibilities where 66% of mobile Internet revenue is from data access, 21% is from e-commerce, 11% is delivered by paid advertising, and only 2% comes from mobile Web advertising.

Do you need more reassurance?  Quentin Hardy, National Editor of Forbes Media, performed an interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt in April, 2010 where he shared that businesses to put their best IT to work on mobile Web applications.