Ranking On Google Search Engine For Popular Terms

Every person who has worked on search engine optimization has been presented with this question, ” I want to rank #1 for the most popular keyword in my industry, can you do that?”

I tell clients that is possible and it can be expensive. Especially if you are in industry that is very competitive. I often explain to them that we will work on realistic rankings now, with the possibility of long-term growth in the future.

At Authority SEO we work on universal search, which means we work on getting you traffic from a multitude of  places, whether it be Google; maps, local, ppc, video, press, Facebook, Myspace, Social Media, and of course natural organic ranking across all of the search engines.

We first work on adding content and credible pages themed around your sites objective. The more credible pages you have, means the more authority you have. More authority means there’s a greater opportunity to rank for competitive big keyword terms.

Create a Keyword Hierarchy

This is important, especially if your website has multiple areas that don’t always follow the same theme. Typically, the most general and competitive keyword words and phrases are used on the home page. This is because the home page is likely to have the most inbound links, making it the strongest page. Good inbound links pass rank, so think of it as a hierarchy and a way to pass down page rank in a focused, keyword relevant manner.

Create Relevant Powerful Content

Authority documents tend to fare much better in search engines because they provide a full picture of a subject matter. Detailed, well-linked content is one reason. Whenever you create content for a targeted keyword, focus on quality, depth, and theme. It is very hard work to rank to a popular keyword, especially if you are coming from behind, so it is important to write better quality material than your competitors othewise why would Google put you in front of them in the rankings.

Internal Linking

While we work on your keyword strategy and add new relevant content to your site we also work on internal linking inside your website. This is important to the GoogleBot and readers to lead them to other pages that share important information. If your website has 20 other pages of content about wedding dresses but is unlinked, how does this benefit the user? Simply having the content on your website isn’t enough; however, interconnecting that content creates a web of authority that can be easily understood by both users and search engines.

Be sure to assign each subpage a maximum of one or two keyphrases. Every time this phrase is used sitewide, send a link to that corresponding page using varied and keyword rich anchor text. Remember, the most valuable links are within the body of the text and above the fold.

This is just a short version of what Authoriyt SEO can do for you. These items take time, strategy, and know how. Call us to help you get your website generating more money now!