Top 5 SEO Mistakes Website Owners Make

Now, just about every person and business has a website in some facet or another.  The next question that always comes up is why don’t I rank for the keywords I want to.  As an Internet marketing firm this is the question that most business owners are confused by.  The following is the Top 5 SEO  mistakes website owners make to get their websites to rank in the top of Google search results for the keywords they want.

seo mistakesTop 5 SEO Mistakes

1. Too Many Keywords

It is important that each page have a keyword that you are targeting.  Many websites either only look at what the keywords are for the home page and forget all about every other page, or they stuff each page with as many keywords as possible.  The most you make each page important for one keyword the better chance it has to rank for that keyword phrase.

2. SEO Friendly URLS

Ranking for keywords is about competition as right now someone is working on out ranking you for the exact keyword you want.  Having SEO friendly urls so the keyword you want to rank for shows up in the url stream.  If you check your address bar you can see the keyword “seo mistakes” in the url.

3. No Title Tag

The title tag is the title of the article that shows up at the top of your browser.  This is one of the most important pieces of information for the search engines to understand what your web page is about.  Most websites have the exact same title tag on every page which tells the search engines that every page is technically the same and of no additional value.

4. No Meta Tags

Meta tags are the description and keywords that are added into your source code to quickly tell the search engines what each web page is about.  This is also the information that you see when you search on Google underneath the page title in the search engine results page.  Meta tags should have the important keyword that each page is optimized for.

5. Horrible Keyword Density

If you want to rank for any keyword it has to show up on your website.  Many people only use one version of a keyword phrase ingoring other popular versions which means you have no ability to rank for it.  The other spectrum is people over stuffing the page with using the same keyword over and over.  Search engines look at too high of keyword density on a page as Spam and will penalize accordingly.

These 5 important mistakes are a small sample size of the issues Authority SEO finds on clients website when we start working on the project.  You here the term link building all the time that it is important, and that is true though until you are communicating effectively with the search engines about what is important on your website link building will be of little value.  Most clients are amazed at how just fixing the website from a SEO stand point increases traffic automatically before we start the marketing campaign to drive more targeted traffic.