Is Blogging Important For Getting Into The Search Engines?

If you’re a online website business owner like us, you have certainly heard the buzz about blogging. I know what you’re saying. I don’t have time to blog or I can’t type fast enough, or I don’t have anything to blog about. 5 years ago I thought the same thing. I have a Web site, I put information on my website why should I be doing a blog? No one reads those blogs anyway?

The truth is that blogging is probably one of the more important things you can do to get positioning on the web, and  it’s 100% free marketing if you have the time to do it yourself.  I love “free”, free is for me!. It takes some time to blog, but the more you do it, the better and faster you’ll get. However when running my online business, fortunately I was busy enough that I did not have time to blog but wish that I did. If you’re just totally crunched for time,  Authority SEO has a blogging service available. We work in conjunction with you to get relevant and unique information on your blog so that you can get it ranked and submitted to the blog search engines which are completely different than the regular search engines.

Here are some good reasons why you should be blogging. Blogging will help establish you as a expert. We all have something we care about and have a great deal of knowledge about. You share these ideas with Authority SEO and we create blog posts around them. You have specialized knowledge about your niche business that other people don’t know, or maybe just little stories. By creating short articles, we can share this information with the world. This makes you an expert in your own industry, no matter how specialized it might be.  The more unique it is from other content, the more Google will reward that content with high placement on the search engines.

Allow comments on your blog and Authority SEO monitors them for spam. By allowing other people to comment on your blog articles, that makes them 100% unique. Best of all, other people are creating that content for you, and you don’t have to do anything.  Once again it’s free content.    Blogs help build links and anyone who knows anything about getting onto the search engine knows that natural links from other people to your Web site are critical. The more natural links you get, the more it helps you.  You can also enable “track backs” which are also a great way of linking from one blog to another.

The way blogs are set up, as soon as you publish your blog post, it automatically goes out and tells the search engines that you have new content. Blog posts show up on Google in very quickly.  Your blog post will show up at the very top for no apparent reason. We do your key word research first, then write articles to match the key words. You’ll be rewarded with much better placement than trying to “optimize” a page of content on your Web site.

Blogs are one of the most powerful tools you can use to generate targeted traffic to your Web site. If you’re skeptical try it anyway on your own, its free that way. Once you do it will see the benefits and you will then want a professional looking blog with well written posts.