Top 5 Ways to Improve Conversion Rate and Call to Action

Have you found that when people land on your website they are not engaging in the way you want them to.  For instance your website is not generating leads or sales the way you believe it should.  The problem may in your “Call to Action” on the site.  An effective “Call to Action” is essential as your visitors need to be walked through your website to the features you want.  Improvements to “call to action” increases your conversion rate which leads to more sales or leads instantly.

Top 5 Ways to Improve “Call to Action”

1. Big Button

Make sure your “call to action” button is big and is above the fold.  Above the fold means what a visitor sees on their screen without having to scroll.  It should be above the fold for all computer screen sizes.  Also, add action words like buy, order, or donate instead of learn more.  No one ever wants to just learn more.

2. Give Support

Many websites offer no additional supplemental information with their “call to action.”  Adding bullet points on reasons why or client testimonials can enhance the click through rate for your button.

3.  Why Should I Click

Spend more time on the page talking about the value the consumer will get for doing business with your company then just how good a company you are.  People want to know what is in it for them.  Plus, most visitor will not perceive the value of your information unless you tell them directly the value they will achieve by clicking your “call to action.”

4. Reduce the Choices

Many people don’t convert as they get lost in a website with what to do.  Reducing the clickable options can increase your conversion rate.  Don’t confuse having lots of content and a good “call to action.”  You don’t have to give everyone access to everything you have on your site from the home page of your most important landing pages.

5. Give Guidance

For many businesses they offer more than one service or product and need multiple “calls to action” on one page.  You can increase conversion rates by highlighting the best offer or best deal that can increase the likelihood a person will click instead of getting lost.