Measure your PPC and SEO / SEM campaigns for success.

It interesting that many of our clients don’t understand that we have a  business and PR background. SEO goes hand in hand with business and PR.  As our tag line reads, “Your Revenue Generating Parnter.”  We look at our clients websites in terms of business performance, rather than just making web stats look good by using lots of plus signs and positive arrows.  Far to often people still think of SEO and SEM as a technical service or IT.  Actually it is a marketing activity and integral part of  a websites business strategy.  Although this is becoming less common, such short sighted businesses still exist, but their way of thinking will eventually make them extinct within just a few years.  Analytics Goals are great online performance indicators, and it is important to look at social media from more than one angle. The same applies across search marketing, rankings, traffic, links, and so on are all great performance indicators, but they are just that,  indicators.  They can tell you if things are going well and in the right direction. Your rankings may be improving and traffic may be rising, but how does that really affect what you’re doing and how you justify your spend? These types of KPIs don’t tell you that you spent $100,000 on AdWords last month, generating $400,000 in revenue and only made $50,000 in profit. They leave you with a huge amount of guesswork when trying to work out important things, such as the returns you’d generate if you doubled your budget.

The main KPIs need to come from your own performance figures in terms of online performance.  KPIs need to reflect the goals and ambitions of your business. Often potential clients come to us with their existing campaign doing well,  but their actual business was going down the tubes. Top lines numbers do not always tell the whole story.   Sometimes traffic is up but they’re ranking for the wrong keywords and conversions are down; other times they’re paying too much per conversion to justify the PPC spending. Unless you are looking for long term repeat business, the visitors simply aren’t worth that much. If any return visitors comes back through PPC again rather than directly it can cost you even more per customer.

This is why and good SEO/SEM campaign is worth it weight in gold. A good seo campaign builds on itself and continues to grow even as you spend less. PPC does not have this luxury. Once your ads are down you are lost again. You need to measure the performance over time with PPC.  Over time if you want to see how your campaign is working, you can’t simply look at one instance of data. You have to watch it over time. Otherwise, it’s meaningless. The changes to these figures are what show you how successful your campaign is and whether you’re continuing to drive it forward. A good SEO strategy will continue to grow visitor numbers and conversions, because a good SEO strategy is constantly being refined thanks to deep analysis.