Why Keyword Research is Vital SEO for Any Website

Most business owners understand what one or two major keywords are important to their business. To take those keywords even further is keyword research. Finding objectively how people are search for any business is a vital aspect for any Internet marketing strategy. As an Internet Marketing Firm, keyword research is one of the very first things our team does for any new project. Strategic Solutions Research uses keywords to help you maximize the potential of your brand.

keyword researchThe last time you searched in Google or Bing what keywords did you type in? Did you find what you where looking for? Did you type in multiple different search word phrases to find the right website?

Keywords are what drives traffic to websites. It is any websites ability to rank for the keywords that their future customers are searching for right now. Keyword optimization is the engine that drives how you label your articles, pages, videos, podcasts, and more to make sure that your future customers find you online.

How do you know what keywords to pick? This is where keyword research comes. keyword research finds all the ways people are searching for your business online. Then through this new data base of keywords, a website owner can determine which ones based on traffic and competition are the most important to rank for. Also, good SEO is the process of how a website ranks for thousand and even tens of thousands of these targeted keywords. This is why content is so important as each new page then can be optimized for a new set of important keywords. The mistake many website owners make is they create tons of pages with basically the same keywords so they never increase the total keyword optimization for their site.

The other aspect of keyword research is determining the right keywords for your business. Broad terms can send lots of traffic though have poor conversion rates. You first need to understand your exact target audience so you can better determine who you are looking to attract. Effective keyword research is just as much effective target audience research as it is just search engine optimization.

Another step to determining the right keywords is looking at your competition. By looking at what the top websites in your industry rank for you can gain valuable insight into how to better optimize your own site.

Keyword research is a fluid aspect of SEO and should be reviewed on a consistent basis. Remember keywords are important for not just pages on the site, though for blog posts, videos, podcasts, photos, and more.