Twitter Launches Twitter Places to Give Real Time Search to Local Search

Twitter now launches Twitter Places which offers real time search to local search.  Many websites have attempted to make a seamless marriage of local search and real time search, though Twitter probably has the best chance at doing.  You can now find Twitter Places used with 65 countries for both and

twitter placesHow Twitter Places Work

Twitter Places adds a location tag to your Tweets.  This allows people to search for tweets in their city, area, or event like the World Cup.  Your location is displayed right below your “what’s happening” box on your Twitter homepage.  By clicking your location you can change where you are Tweeting from.

To enable Twitter Places you first need to enable “add a location to your tweets” from your settings page.  Then when you add a tweet in your “what’s happening” box you can see your location right underneath the box to leave the same or change to current location.

You will see once you update with a new click it will have a location tag assocaited with it.  If you click the tag it will pull up a pop up window showing a map of your location and asking your if you want to see all tweets from that location.

With Twitter Places you can add your exact address of your business if it isn’t already listed.  Twitter Places already uses an imense data base from Foursquare, Gowalla, Localeze, and TomTom.

twitter locations

Real Time Local Search Feature

The long term implications could be huge for Twitter Places as it could allow for real time search for what is happening locally at a festival, brand new restaurant, driving directions, how the weather is doing at any area, and more.

The jury is still out whether Twitter Places will give Google Local a serious run for its money.  The even better bet is that Facebook with the most comprehensive local user information in its data base will be able to dominant the local search space.