Authority SEO Listed with Top SEOS

top seos 2010 works to identify to the top rate SEO firms in the industry.  Authority SEO is proud to be a member as one of the best search engine optimization companies. showcases a variety of SEO companies that from pure SEO, paid advertising, social media, and more. gets reviews from thousands of business each year to understand which SEO companies are delivering quality service to their clients. reviews of 3000 firms from the US, UK< Canada, Australia, and India. Mission Evaluate and identify the best companies that provide services and products in the internet marketing industry. Connect buyers … [Read more...]

Personalized SEO Plan

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Authority SEO uses proven techniques to achieve high search engine traffic and rankings. Through its work companies have been able to rank for the most important keywords, as well as, thousands of lower traffic higher conversion rate keywords. Achieve site specific major keywords ranking in the top 10 of Google and Yahoo search Build massive ranking lists for products and services keywords in top 10 of Google and Yahoo search Increase sales without the high costs of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and traditional marketing Your site becomes an online expert in your field Most people know what the major keywords for their industry are. The problem is … [Read more...]

Internet Advertising Revenues Projected Up for 2010

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New forecasts project 2010 to be a good year for online advertising revenues.  MagnaGlobal Internet forecasting and analysis firm predicts Internet advertising revenues to rise 12.4% over 2009 revenues.  For 2011, they project another increase of 11.7% while maintaining a 11% increase over the next three years.  MagnaGlobal projects that world wide online advertising spending with reach $104 billion by 2015 with paid search making up 49% of the total spend.  The projection in 2010 will be $13 billion spent in paid search which represents 48% of total revenue. … [Read more...]

Increase Demand for Web Videos Across Broader Range of Content

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The usage continues to increase for online video, which is wonderful for providers like Hulu and and their advertisers.  According to a new report, the number of consumers in the U.S. who viewed web video during tv viewing hours increased 14% in the last year.  That total is now at around 65 million people tuned into their computers and mobile devices instead of their tv sets in the evenings during the week, and they are watching an even more broader range of content.  Content that becomes the paramount aspect as advertisers position themselves for the launch of Google TV and other platforms that will allow consumers to view virtually anything on a single … [Read more...]

Youtube Makes Creating and Editing Videos Easier

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Developing videos to advertise your products or services is now even easier thanks to the brand new set of cloud based video editing tools from Youtube.  Internet marketers and content publishers can now build a library of web videos and enhanced opportunities for brand visibility at the same place. Youtubers have the ability to cut from videos, create montages of different clips and add or change accompanying music using Youtube's commercial library of licensed songs.  While in itself a significant development, there's also the possibility that the new video editor may be integrated into Google's Chrome operating system to provide a completely Web based tool … [Read more...]

Google’s Caffeine Gives Internet Search Results Pages a Boost

google caffeine internet search results page

Web surfers are experiencing a much different internet search engine results page thanks to Google's new Web indexing program, Caffeine.  There is no question - the impact on Internet businesses will be great going ahead.  Google claims Web search results are now 50% fresher as Caffeine enable index updates on a continuous basis rather than ever few weeks or months.  The result is an environment where more universally accessible content (video, image, audio, and reviews) is available and it is intersection with real time search in a prominent way.  The new index will force Web professionals to set up content development creation and their social media creativity … [Read more...]