Personalized SEO Plan

Authority SEO uses proven techniques to achieve high search engine traffic and rankings. Through its work companies have been able to rank for the most important keywords, as well as, thousands of lower traffic higher conversion rate keywords.

  • Achieve site specific major keywords ranking in the top 10 of Google and Yahoo search
  • Build massive ranking lists for products and services keywords in top 10 of Google and Yahoo search
  • Increase sales without the high costs of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and traditional marketing
  • Your site becomes an online expert in your field

Most people know what the major keywords for their industry are. The problem is that those keywords are typically highly competitive and are generally broad. While working on the major keywords, Authority SEO goes after keywords even more specific for your products and services. Though they get less traffic than major keywords, they typically convert at higher rates and have the ability to rank before major keywords. The goal is to find hundreds and even thousands of these types of keywords which drastically increases sales.

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