Build More Trust and Get Higher Conversions With Authority SEO

Authority SEO builds Trust

Operating a e-Commerce website begins with understanding how the buiness runs and thinking how your potential customer thinks. When people shop online they generally have a specific product or type of product in mind.  There are 2 key thoughts they have:  Trust and Price. So with that in mind here are some tips to make your eCommerce site more likely to convert sales… TRUST 1. First of all, don't build your own website, unless you are already a web designer, don't try to take the time to learn how to design a website. There are  people who spend every day doing that they are going to be better than you at doing. Building a website incorrectly can hurt your … [Read more...]

Pay Per Click Advertising To Generate Money


Almost since the beginning of the internet there has been internet advertising. Since I have been in the e commerce business since 1998, I have seen the advertising market change and change again. Remember Overture? I do and I remember the click fraud as well with all of the advertisers. Even though, the PPC platform was a good way to get customers and sales. Many people did not know about PPC or how to use it. So in the beginning it was easy to drive traffic for under 10 cents per click. Since that time Google has emerged to the forefront of ppc ads. Google Adwords works, but it is very expensive and the ROI is not always that great, especially if you are not … [Read more...]

Converting Visitors To Customers

Paying Customers

In my last post I wrote about deciding on pay per click adverstising or to spend you hard earned money on search engine optimization and search engine marketing. I explained the reason why both are needed and one of the reasons to use PPC especially in the beginning phases of your business. I suggested testing your sites conversion ability by using ppc. If you find that after spending money of PPC that your website does not convert visitors in to customers. I also discussed that there are a multitude of reasons of why a visitor doesn't spend money on your site. The first reason that may be causing issues is your price. If your price is to high a customer can click … [Read more...]

Pay Per Click or SEO Search Engine Optimization?

Pay per click or SEO As website owner that depends on e-commerce, I struggled with the question on whether to use my advertising dollars on pay per click advertising or to spend it all on search engine optimization. I wish the decision was that easy. PPC has its value if done correctly and managed correctly and diligently. On the other hand SEO has has long term benefits, has a lower cost after the initial work and doesn't cost more when you get more traffic. Well the answer is both. Certainly when you are first starting your website PPC is a must. Your organic traffic and free traffic is going to be low because the effects of good SEO take a while to show it's … [Read more...]

Why You May Not Be Finding Your Website in Google Search Results

can not find my website online

If you have a website I bet you have typed in a keyword into Google looking for your site.  For those that didn’t find their site at all there are a slew of different reasons this can occur, competition being one of the biggest ones.  For this post we are looking at something that most website owners are not even aware of which is Google’s Primary and Secondary Index. Google places each web page that it indexes into two categories based a variety of factors to allow its search engine results page to load even faster with what it hopes to be relevant content.  The primary index is what it sounds like offering the highest quality web pages as Google sees … [Read more...]

Top 5 Tips for Increasing Home Page Conversions

conversion rate home page

Your homepage is the most visited page on your website.  Have you thought about exactly the best way to optimize your home page for conversions?  Using your home page as the initial funnel for your goods and services can increase your conversion rate which leads to more sales. Important to keep in mind then optimizing your home page is all the different ways people may find it.  Your home page can be visited through Internet search, business cards, radio or tv advertising, or even clicking from somewhere else on your site. The big question is it designed to maximize your goals?  Most business owners don’t even know that they are losing money every day … [Read more...]