Top 5 Tips for Increasing Home Page Conversions

Your homepage is the most visited page on your website.  Have you thought about exactly the best way to optimize your home page for conversions?  Using your home page as the initial funnel for your goods and services can increase your conversion rate which leads to more sales.

Important to keep in mind then optimizing your home page is all the different ways people may find it.  Your home page can be visited through Internet search, business cards, radio or tv advertising, or even clicking from somewhere else on your site.

The big question is it designed to maximize your goals?  Most business owners don’t even know that they are losing money every day because visitors don’t know where to go when they land their home page.

5 Steps to Instantly Improve Your Home Page Conversions

  1. Objectives: do you have specific objectives for your home page.  I have found that many companies have never taken the time to decide on what is most important and thus what goes on the home page.
  2. Priorities: Take your list of objectives and organize them into three categories which are top priority, secondary priority, and minor priority.
  3. Scorecard: Create a scorecard or key performance indicators for each priority that will effectively measure the success of each one.
  4. Design: Now take your priorities in order of importance and design your home page.  A visitor has about 5 seconds to determine what is most important and where or not they will stay on the site.
  5. Test: Important to test different elements on the site for effectiveness.  Many companies spend hours debating a particular feature on the site instead of letting the public decide which one they like better.  Also, important to test competing elements like different banners that draw the eye’s attention.