Pay Per Click or SEO Search Engine Optimization?

Pay per click or SEO

As website owner that depends on e-commerce, I struggled with the question on whether to use my advertising dollars on pay per click advertising or to spend it all on search engine optimization. I wish the decision was that easy. PPC has its value if done correctly and managed correctly and diligently. On the other hand SEO has has long term benefits, has a lower cost after the initial work and doesn’t cost more when you get more traffic.

Well the answer is both. Certainly when you are first starting your website PPC is a must. Your organic traffic and free traffic is going to be low because the effects of good SEO take a while to show it’s benefits. Also PPC is a good way to test your conversion ratios. PPC can help check you place in the internet market. If you pay for 10,000 clicks and you get no conversions, then most likely something is wrong. There are many factors as to why a site doesn’t convert visitors in to customers. I won’t go in to everything here in this post, that is a whole other post in itself. A few things can be a slow loading site, prices to high or maybe to low., customer confidence, site doesn’t navigate well, shopping cart is not functioning correctly, broken links on the site. As I mentioned there are a multitude of reasons for why someone won’t buy from your site and PPC is a good way to find out it there is a problem to begin with.

Once you have set up a PPC campaign and found out that your site converts visitors in to customers you can feel secure that the money you spend on SEO is well spent. IF PPC customers convert so will organic visitors. So the answer to the question on whether to spend you online advertising dollars on PPC or SEO is spend it on both but spend it wisely and monitor the results. Authority SEO does just that. We set up and manage PPC accounts while working on your natural organic rankings.