Converting Visitors To Customers

In my last post I wrote about deciding on pay per click adverstising or to spend you hard earned money on search engine optimization and search engine marketing. I explained the reason why both are needed and one of the reasons to use PPC especially in the beginning phases of your business. I suggested testing your sites conversion ability by using ppc. If you find that after spending money of PPC that your website does not convert visitors in to customers. I also discussed that there are a multitude of reasons of why a visitor doesn’t spend money on your site. The first reason that may be causing issues is your price. If your price is to high a customer can click and go to the cheaper store. It is not like brick and mortar stores, where a customer physically has to leave your store and travel to another store to check prices. Does your website look and feel secure? Are you reasurring the potential customer about giving you their personal information, that it will be safe. Is your site easy to navigate? Are your items in stock? Are your shipping prices inline with other websites. Do you have to much information on your home page. Information overload will drive a visitor away. Do you have link or links going out of your website? Links leading out of your website are not always bad but they are not a good thing to have unless absolutely avoidable. You worked so hard to get customers to your site it is not good to send them away. There can be many other issues why a visitor does not become a customer but make sure that these potential problems are not happening to your website and you will see your conversions rise.