Pay Per Click Advertising To Generate Money

Almost since the beginning of the internet there has been internet advertising. Since I have been in the e commerce business since 1998, I have seen the advertising market change and change again. Remember Overture? I do and I remember the click fraud as well with all of the advertisers. Even though, the PPC platform was a good way to get customers and sales. Many people did not know about PPC or how to use it. So in the beginning it was easy to drive traffic for under 10 cents per click.

Since that time Google has emerged to the forefront of ppc ads. Google Adwords works, but it is very expensive and the ROI is not always that great, especially if you are not getting repeat business from your ads. Customer acquisition is a key component to AdWords for many of our clients. We have a few clients that spend nearly 1,000,000.00 per year in ppc.

So you are asking what to do. Well Authority SEO has your answer. We set up, manage, bid control, optimize, track, and write your AdWords campaign. With our expertise you AdWords campaign can achieve the goals you want at a lower cost to you.

We monitor your account for click fraud and conversions. However we also have vast experience with the other ppc advertisers, such as Bing, Yahoo, and the newest player Face book.

Facebook has started selling ads and right now you can advertise on Facebook at a lower cost per click average. As always Authority SEO recommends a multi-pronged approach towards monetizing your website or driving visitor to your website. Call today to speak with an Authority SEO revenue generating partner.