Build More Trust and Get Higher Conversions With Authority SEO

Operating a e-Commerce website begins with understanding how the buiness runs and thinking how your potential customer thinks. When people shop online they generally have a specific product or type of product in mind.  There are 2 key thoughts they have:  Trust and Price.

So with that in mind here are some tips to make your eCommerce site more likely to convert sales… TRUST 1. First of all, don’t build your own website, unless you are already a web designer, don’t try to take the time to learn how to design a website. There are  people who spend every day doing that they are going to be better than you at doing. Building a website incorrectly can hurt your chances of ranking in the search engines and putting up a “homemade” looking site can hurt your trust factor. Authority SEO has a team of website designers to taylor a website to your needs.  It takes an investment, but one that will yield more sales and a stronger business.

2. There are some elements you can easily add to your site that will instantly make you appear more trustworthy. An 800 number in the header. This gives the feel that you are a bigger company, even if you’re running it from your kitchen table. And people often assume that a “bigger” company is a “safer” company, and they’ll want to buy from you. A trust seal and credit card logos. Again this gives the look and feel of being a bigger professional company online. Also people often assume that if you have these elements then other people are buying from you too. The credit card logos instill trust. Essentially, you’re borrowing trust from the credit card companies.  Each of these elements has been tested and by adding them to your site and you will see your conversions increase.

BEST PRICE: You’ll have more success selling online if you’re selling what people are already buying. But that means you’ll also be selling what other websites are selling. So when your customers begin price-shopping, how do you compete without cutting your prices?  Position your products as unique with unique content.  Most marketers make this mistake. They take the photo and description provided by the supplier and use them as is. If instead you’ll take a little extra time, it’ll pay off in huge dividends. Start by changing the stock photo. Test different photos. Avoid using the same photo everyone else is using. Also re-write the descpription so it’s unique. You can even give your products a unique name so that when people price shop products from your site, they won’t find any other products with the same name.

Don’t give away your merchandise. Trying to be the cheapest source rarely works for long.  Every new website owner thinks I’ll get the customer in with the lowest price and raise them later. There are millions of websites that have tried this tactic and they are all out of business now. Also there will always be someone else to come along who’s willing to sell the same items cheaper than you. Instead try bundling related items into greater bargains for your prospects. Doing this not only allows you to set the price you want, it also makes your offer unique. These are just a few tips for making your eCommerce site more profitable. But there are literally dozens of different ways, just like this, that you can use to have a higher converting site.  Authority SEO is constantly working to help sites increase their conversion ration and generate more revenue.