Social Media in the New Search Engine Optimization Game

More and more social media makes headlines with an increase in users and online visibility.  You also see now on tv commercials company’s social media icons like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.  Not to mention Myspace which used to be a big player has just relaunched their website into a completely new interface with hopes of regaining some of its earlier market share.  For business owners the question becomes how to best use social media to in the end increase the bottom line.

social media seoAs it stands right now Google shows Twitter updates in its regular search engine results page and is the main feature of its real time search boxes.  Also, Bing incorporates Facebook “like” qualities to its search rankings.  The level of involvement of social media in search results will only increase.

Have you ever read something on social media and you know that it was just generic filler information.  Social media is about interacting with your audience or future customers.  The best way to use social media is to engage and interact with your audience.  If you want your information to “go viral” than it has to be genuine of interest to people.

Genuine interest is important as it relates to social media.  Just think of the last thing that you really like in Facebook or Youtube.  What was it that captured your attention and made you send it to your friends and family?

There is no one size fits answer for a company to use social media.  What is universal is having real people handle you presence.  People see auto filler information though real people updating content have the ability to engage and deliver results with social media.