Determine Best Ranking Website Page for Google Keyword

For those website owners who want to drive thousands and tens of thousands of new visitors to their website you have to get more than just your home page ranked in Google search results. You need the best blog services, niche edits and a ton of other things which is why as a Phoenix Internet Marketing company, the biggest challenge to overcome with business owners is that an effective and financially viable website requires ranking for the thousands of different ways people are searching for your business online right now.  This means we have to get multiple pages ranked for different sets of keywords.

The issue is what pages do I optimize for any given keyword.  Your primary pages may be easy as they directly relate to your products or services.  For more secondary pages the challenge can be greater to determine.  One key aspect of Internet marketing that is essential to understand is to remind you that to rank for thousands of keywords we do have to get multiple pages ranked in Google and other search engines.

Example of Why You Link Keywords

For example with Authority SEO, we want our home page to rank for Internet Marketing.  Which means not only do we optimize our home page for that keywords we also send links inside and outside our site with that keyword hyperlinked to our home page.  If you look at the first sentence of this paragraph we hyperlinked the keyword Internet Marketing to our home page.  What is essential for effective search engine optimization is that every time we link the keyword Internet Marketing we also send it to the home page.  What we are telling Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing is that for the term Internet Marketing are home page is the most important.

This same method is also important for other keywords that hyperlinks for each keyword are sent to the right page on your website.  How do we determine the right page?  The best answer is often let Google tell us which page it thinks is already the most important for any keyword on your site.  The method of letting Google show you allows for multiple people working on the same site to always send links to the right page and makes it faster and easier to move up in search result pages.

Why Hyperlinking the Right Keyword to the Right Page is Important

Lets say for example for Authority SEO we have the keyword Twitter we want to rank for.  If every one adding content to links the keyword Twitter to different pages on the site then we are telling Google that non of these pages is that important for the keyword Twitter.  If every link with the keyword Twitter always goes to one particular page then we are telling Google for the keyword Twitter that one page is very important.  This is one aspect that supports different pages ranking for keywords in search results.  Authority SEO doesn’t rank for the keyword Twitter though this method has helped us rank for different keyword varieties of “facts about twitter.”  This one page on our site generates about 200 visitors every month for people looking for information about Twitter.  That doesn’t seem that much until you do the same method for thousands of keywords and thousands of different pages.  The collaborative effort generates a tremendous amount of new visitors.

What you then need to learn is how to determine what page on your site Google has already indexed as the top page for any given keyword.

site googleSteps to Determine Best Ranking Website Page for Google Keyword

  1. Open a browser and go to
  2. Type into search bar keyword (see photo right)
  3. Google results shows your web pages in order of importance for keyword you chose
  4. Link keyword to top search results for your page to support increasing Google search results for any keyword on your site

In the photo, we used the keyword Twitter for the example.  As mentioned earlier the page Facts About Twitter is the top result.  Every link on our website with keyword Twitter then links to that page to support our SEO efforts for that keyword.

If you have done very little optimization on a given page for a certain keyword you may find that the page you want is not the top ranked page.  If you start linking that keyword to the page you want you will see it move up to the top of the rankings within Google search results.