Fastest Way to Increase Search Engine Traffic for Existing Sites

If you have a website then how to get more traffic is a common question you are probably talking about.  What many websites don’t realize is that they have tons of web visitors so close to finding their website that they don’t even know about.  The following way to increase traffic is for existing sites as new sites don’t haven’t had the time to build up search engine rankings yet.

Fastest Way to Increase Traffic is Learning What Keywords Your Site Ranks for on the Second Page of Google Search Results

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First to understand how to increase your traffic we have to take a look at Google.  If you type in any keyword into Google you see on the first page the top ten results for that given keyword.  You also see the total results and can search multiple pages of different search results.  Less than 1% of all search traffic goes to the second page so search engine ranking #11 gets about the same number of traffic as #101.

For some major keyword to your business you have probably manually searched through the Google search results pages looking for your website.  What you are missing are all sorts of other keywords you didn’t even know about that are sitting on the second page of Google that receive daily traffic.

Most website owners focus on the keywords that they personally would search for their business which excludes many of the other ways people are searching for your business right now.  For existing sites they typically have lots of keywords on the second page of Google that they didn’t even know about and the keywords are exactly the target audience they are looking for.

Authority SEO, a Phoenix Internet Marketing company, have developed tools to identify all keywords that websites rank for all on the second page of Google search results.  These keywords are the low hanging fruit that need just a little SEO effort to move to the first page and receive daily traffic to your website.  Get a free report for your website by clicking the Free Keyword Report banner to the right.

The keywords your website ranks for on the second page of Google or rankings #11-#20 are visitors so close to finding your website though who won’t unless you do something about it and learn the keywords your site ranks for.