The Secret to SEO Success Lies Within the Keys to Weight Loss

I read that 60% or more of Americans are overweight or obese.  My belief is that number is even higher for websites that don’t have good search engine optimization.  With every day thousands and thousands of new businesses are going up online and you would think that website owners would be good at marketing their sites online.  Just as you would think with millions of workout videos and books that more people would be fit.  From my experience the reason people struggle with both are the same.

The reason people are successful or not losing weight is the same for Internet marketing

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Knowledge is Not the Answer

With weight loss and SEO, the common thing I hear is people looking for that one thing they are missing.  They search for the latest tidbit or the latest trend as if that is the reason they are unsuccessful.  If you happen to fall into this trap believing that if you just had more information or just that one piece advice you will be successful you will find that you are always struggling and looking for that one thing.

SEO and Fitness are Not One Time Deals

Have you ever heard your friend say they are on some 30 day diet?  So you do the diet for 30 days and then what?  If you want to be fit for a lifetime just as driving targeted traffic to your website for a lifetime then you need to look past the next 30 days.

The Secret is Your Lifestyle

If you want to bet fit your whole life then it will always come down to living a fit lifestyle?  If you are cycling from one diet to the next then even if they are good you are never giving your body a consistent message so it knows what to do which is burn more fat in this case.  If the diet is something you can do for a lifetime then it probably isn’t any good to begin with.  This is the same for SEO though you are training your website instead of your body.  It is what you do everyday to improve your website and sendthe right messages to the search engines that pays off in the long run.  If your website is going to be successful online then you have to get into the frame of mind that your website and Internet marketing will be worked on for a consistent basis for as long as your own the site.  Just as in fitness no matter how consistent you were once you quit working out or eating good the weight comes on.

Set the Right Goals and Expectations

My experience with weight loss is that people doing the right things offend quit because they have unreal expectations and goals for success.  I find this is the case of search engine optimization as well.  Fad diets can trick your body into quit weight loss which no one tells you is coming from water not fat.  So you see the scale drop and your think it is working.  An effective diet that burns fat takes longer as your speed up your metabolism and when people don’t see the instant weight loss they quit.  This is the same with SEO as business owners want instant results.  This is the reason they everyone knows about the pay per click model which is Adwords.  If you are willing to pay enough you can instantly show up for any keyword.  The problem with that compulsion is that you don’t always get a positive return on your investment.  Also, majority of the web traffic and money is in the organic or free listings which is where most people search and buy things.

The one reason that it takes longer is that Google has already indexed other websites for the keywords you want to rank for.  Which means Google sees though websites as fit as it relates to our analogy.  If we want to over take them we have to become more fit then they are and you can’t just 30 day your way just like you can’t for weight loss.

The reality is you will see results right away if you know what you are looking for.  In fitness if you eating correctly which is 5 small meals a day you will have instantly more energy through out the day then you have ever had before.  This is noticeable and is your trigger that things are working and you are burning fat away even if the scale hasn’t dropped yet.

With websites this is the same.  Right now there is probably a keyword that you really want to rank for.  Did you know there are thousands of different variations of that same keywords that people are search today looking for a business like yours.  If the SEO campaign is working you will instantly start you see your website rank for all of those less competitive versions which increases your traffic and sales while the higher competitive terms are being achieved.  If you want to rank for competitive keywords then you have to building a healthy website and a healthy website delivers more fruit than most people new was possible just as with fitness that most people had no idea the energy they could have or the things they could now do because they are fit.