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Authority SEO offers WordPress web development and website design plus the benefits of being created by and Internet marketing team with over 10 years of experience.  WordPress over the last 9 years has become the #1 content management system used on the web.  With its easy to use web based admin WordPress allows any website owner after their website has been completed to make their own edits without a web developer.

Google stated in their blog that WordPress was the best content management system and blog for SEO.

Authority SEO WordPress Web Development and Website Design Offers:

  1. Custom and professional website designs that integrate your existing brand
  2. Added features to turn your blog into an eCommerce store, your own social media site, community forum, and more
  3. All WordPress development built with the best SEO practices
  4. Easy to upload your own videos, photos, podcasts, and unique content

What is WordPress and Why is the Best Website Platform to Choose

WordPress is a content management system software that allows that works both as a standalone website builder and a blog.  A content management system allows the user to add content, edit information, change banners, and more from an easy to use web based admin.  A website owner only needs an Internet connection to make the changes they want to their website on a daily basis.

WordPress is now used by over 25 million websites all around the world.  As an open source web platform, WordPress has thousands and thousands of new features being created for it to make building the best website for your business easier, faster, and more affordable.  Many great features do not have to be built from scratch which makes having a professional designed website more affordable for the average business owner. Although if we speak about website accessibility it should be done by professionals. The number of ada website compliance companies is relitively small, but it will definitely increase in the nearest future as people with disabilities should have access to all information online.

Authority SEO has built tons of different WordPress websites for many different uses.  WordPress allows a web development team to customize and create any look and feel they want while still delivering the ease of use the website owner needs.

Ways to Use WordPress

  1. Business or personal blog
  2. Professional business website
  3. Affiliate marketing website
  4. Community forum
  5. eCommerce online store

Featured WordPress Blog – ITM Trading Blog

Authority SEO built the blog for ItmTrading.com with WordPress.  One the main advantages from an search engine optimization stand point is that we incorporated the blog into their existing website and matched their existing look and feel.

itm_blog ITM Trading Blog Features:

  1. Content slider on blog home page
  2. Call to action buttons on right sidebar
  3. Featured Post in right sidebar

Highlight at the bottom of every page with Youtube videos, client testimonials, and Facebook like button.
Customized ability for ITM Trading to change out any aspect of the home page, sidebar, old posts, add videos, and more.
Subscriber sign up that sends an email to all subscribers every time a new post is updated

Authority SEO also combines their WordPress website design skills with the best aspects of SEO.  Every page has the ability to be optimized for the search engines.  Authority SEO also trains you the website owner on the proper ways to add new content to maximize your own ability to add to your site.

If you go to the ITM Trading blog at www.itmtrading.com/blog you then want to click posts to see the professional organization around how the posts are viewable to the web visitor that makes them easy to find the write information they are looking for.

The main reason that Authority SEO likes working in WordPress is that it allows us to take your vision for your site and turn it into a functional website that ranks well in the search engines, is easy to use for the web user, and delivers that branding that your company desires.

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