Get Your Business Listed In Google Local, Google Maps and Mobile

Local and Mobile Marketing on Google
 Every business needs more business, and Authority SEO can help you get that traffic to your business. One of our most popular and cost effective services that we offer our clients is setting up a business listing in Google local. For a $299.00 set up fee and $199.00 per month marketing fee, which can be canceled at anytime,  Authority SEO will set up a website on Google Local and mobile for your business. We will optimize your listing to get you ranked higher in the search results. But we don’t stop there, we will also get you listed in all of the other major local search engines. We  also get your business listed in the major social marketing websites as well. You can not afford to miss out on this type of exposure for your business at this low price.

People are constanly on the move and you see them glued to their cell phones;  texting, watching videos, buying items, and searching for businesses. Do you think this trend is going to slow down? Of course not. Smart phones are getting better everyday and more and more people have them and use to find restaurants, dry cleaners, lawyers, hardware stores, hair salons, gas stations, doctors, everything.

Very few people are using the Yellow Pages or One books any longer, and full page ads in the Yellow pages can cost you $3000 per month or more depending on your category. For $199 per month you can increase your online presense, increase your traffic to your business, and most important of all you can increase your revenue.

Here is how it works. Google has now started integrating local businesses in with their online search results. Basically a new yellow pages, but online. As I mentioned earlier, fewer and fewer people are searching in the Yellow Pages and white pages for directions or information for a business. 40% of people use their cell phones to search for  business listing. Without a Google Local and mobile listing that has been optimized you will not be found on customers computers,  phones, and GPS devices but your competition will!  Authority will set up your Google local and mobile listing correctly for maximum effectiveness. Once your listing is set up you will nearly instantly increase your online visibility. You will increase your exposure in the search engines even if you are not a online business. This means that your will show up on Google local searches, you will be seen on Google maps and on GPS systems where people search for businesses as well. We can also set up online and mobile coupons to drive even more customer to your business.

We are 100% convinced that your Google Local listing and the the other local marketing we do for you will increase your business. How do we know? We know because we have been doing this for all of our marketing clients. Many of our clients are not internet based businesses but can use the internet to increase phone traffic and foot traffic to their stores.

Not convinced yet? Here is what one local business owner who utlized our service had to say.

“I owned a small Sushi restaurant that was not located on a main street. So my walk in traffic was not so good. Once a customer found us though they continued to come back. The traditional marketing I was doing was not working well. It was not very cost effective for us. I found on the web and gave them a call about their local marketing service. The $300 dollars set up fee and $199 per month fee was fairly cheap and I did not expect much from it. I really liked the fact that I didn’t have to sign a long term contract. They said if I was not thrilled with the results after 30 days I could cancel at anytime with no fees. I could not believe the results, even though I did not have a website I was showing up on the internet and on GPS devices. My sales went up almost immediately. I thought that maybe is was just a coincidense, so I paid for another month and the customers kept coming. That was a year ago and since then I have continued to use their service. My business increased so much that I moved to a better larger location and now my revenue has increased by 300%. I really do owe a large portion of my success to Authority SEO, I can’t thank them enough.”  Jim F. Tsunami Sushi

Of course not every business is going to increase by 300%, some may increase by 1000%,  but what would a 50%, 100%, 200% increase in business do for your business? So what are you waiting for? Start bringing in more customers to your business today. Our $199 monthly fee is going to increase in the next few weeks so you need to act quickly. Literally this could save you thousands of dollars by signing up befoe our price increase. What’s even better is the turn around time, we will have your listing up with in 5 business days of receiving your payment.

 Call or email us today at or call our toll free number 866-610-1655. Don’t wait, more customers and more money are just a phone call away!