Google Local Optimization Packages | Local Business Listing Map

Do you want to see your website at the top of Google rankings with a map to your office or store?

Authority SEO offers Google Local Optimization which gets your local business listing ranked in the first page of Google search results when a future customers searches online in your area.  Called Google Local or Local Business Center, Google now allows local businesses to compete online within your local city area.  With Google Local Optimization Packages you can get instant online exposure and new business within days.

Have online searchers see a map to your office and phone number when they search online

The key to success is more than just creating a profile.  Authority SEO packages uses a complete process to maximize the keywords people are using to search for your business correlated to the keywords your website already features.  You don’t have to have a high ranking website to instantly see your website and business at the top of Google Local results.

google local optimizationGoogle Local Optimization Features:

  1. Ranking for Best Keywords in Your Local Area
  2. Boost Your Current Business Listing with More Traffic
  3. Map to Your Office or Store Online
  4. Phone Number Available without Clicking into Website
  5. Drives Local Online Traffic to Your Website
  6. Increase Your Brand with Videos, Photos, and More
  7. Maximize Reviews of your Business

Rank at the Top of Google without even having a Website

With Google Local Optimization you don’t even need to have a website for your business to have online customers find your company and give you a call.  Google Local Optimization creates the most productive online profile that will allow your company to be seen online for the most competitive terms for your industry when a person searchers in your area.

How Does Google Know Where a Person is Located

When you log on to the web you create what is called at IP address.  This is like your address to your house only it is your online house.  Through you IP address, Google is able to know where you are located.

Google Local has multiple features that allow you business to have maximum exposure online and Authority SEO knows how to utilize each one for the greatest return on investment.

The best part of Google Local Optimization is that it is fast and cheap.  It is one of the best uses of your marketing budget you will ever spend.  If you have heard that SEO can take a long time to see results that is not the case with Google Local Optimization.  You will see your local business listing and map featured within days.

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