Marketing Your Phoenix Business On The Internet

The current situation of the US economy has been dealt a harsh blow and there are very few places in the country that has not felt the pain of it. Phoenix is no exception to the economic down turn. Many online and off-line businesses have found it difficult to maintain their level of income let alone grow their business. No matter what the Obama people tell or how they try to spin in on the media, the economy, people and small businesses are still hurting and will continue to suffer or a while.

That is why it is even more important to market your business in the Phoenix area more wisely. Marketing your business on the internet is more critical now than ever. Many businesses such as lawyers, doctors, hair salons, dry cleaners and others often think that there is no need to have a website or to market themselves online because much of the business does not come from there. Well they could not be more wrong.

Many other businesses feel that they cannot afford to pay for marketing online or a pay per click advertising campaign is not going to give them the return on invest that they are looking for. Here is why you can afford to market online and why you cannot afford not to. Consumers are using smart phones more and more to do search. This search often results with lists of local businesses. If you have no internet marketing plan you will not be found by any of these phones.

“How can I afford to pay for a marketing plan?”  This is what is so great about the current status of search. The search engines (SE’s) now are serving up search results that specifically list local businesses. The way they do that is by knowing your location. When you login to the internet your internet connection is given and IP address. This stands for internet position address. This address tells the SE’s to deliver results that would be most relevant to what keywords you searched for. For instance, if you were chandler and used your phone to search for a sushi restaurant, the results that would be returned would be for sushi restaurants that were in Chandler or located near by.  It would do no good for the SE’s to give me Sushi restaurants in Mesa or Flagstaff. This is the future of search and if you’re not on the web you are missing 100% of these potential customer.

“I don’t have $10,000.00 to have a website built and get it marketed on the internet.”  There is not need for that in many cases. If you are not selling a product online you still need to be found on the net and can get your Phoenix business marketed on the web, through a profile of your business, online maps, and GPS for around $300. Ask yourself, is it worth $300 to miss all of the potential traffic? Call us today to see how we can get you found!