Affiliate Marketing Done Right!

 Every business with a website is always wondering, How can I get more traffic to my website and how can I get more customers out of that traffic, and make more money? This question is practically the same for every website business. Fortunately there are many ways to increase your traffic and convert that traffic into paying customers.

Optimizing your website is one way to increase traffic, pay per click advertising is another, banner ads, conventional advertising, social marketing, pay per lead, can all increase your traffic but none of them can are guaranteed to increase sales. You take some risk with your investment, that it may not convert to paying customers. What if I were to tell you about a way that you could increase customers, increase traffic, and it only costs you money if you make a sale. This is guaranteed results and Affiliate marketing is the way to do this.

With Affiliate marketing you allow other websites to link to your website. These other websites or affiliates place a tracking code on your site and if the traffic they send you converts to a sale you pay them a percentage of the sale. It is truly pay for performance. There are few advertising opportunities in the online marketing world that can offer such low risk results. If the affiliates bring you traffic that does not convert to sales you pay nothing. One website that sells bodybuilding prohormones, has been using affiliate marketing for over 5 years with great results. They have generated a large group of affiliates and have increased their revenue by 20%.

So now your saying, Great I’ll go sign up now, but hold on there just a minute. Setting up an affiliate program is not just filling out a form, it takes work takes work, planning, connections, and strategy. Creating an affiliate program correctly takes a firm that has experience in affiliate marketing. They must have connections with “Super Affiliates”, these are affiliates with large websites or a large quantity of websites that can deliver a large amount of traffic to your website. Your affiliate manager must know how to create a marketing plan that will attract large number of affiliates. Designing graphics, setting the correct commission rate, keeping affiliates up to date of your businesses latest specials and new hot products, are all apart of an affiliate managers duties that if not performed and performed correctly your affiliate program will be just one of the other millions of programs out there that do nothing for your business. has been handling affiliate accounts for over 11 years. We have been handling merchants and affiliates since the beginning of affiliate marketing. So you can reat assured we have seen and done it all. If you think you would like to increase your traffic, increase your sales, and only pay when you makes sales you need to contact today!