Why Every Small Business Can Benefit from Hiring an SEO Consultant

Now, almost every small or local business has a website with some web presence.  The question then becomes how do you drive targeted traffic to your website that converts to sales or leads?  This is a common question kicked around many boardroom meetings which leads to do the work in house or hire an outside Internet marketing company.

A few years ago it was very difficult for local and small businesses to compete online.  This is not the case anymore as the especially Google has a series of advantages for small business especially when a customer searches in their area.  Also, now Google has become the new Yellow Pages where almost everyone uses it to find the items, services, and products they are looking for.

Authority SEO has over 250 dedicated people creating links for our clients every month.

Top 5 Reasons Every Small Business Can Benefit from Hiring an SEO Consulant

Effective Strategy Implementation

Yes, you as a business owner can read every blog post you can find and every book on the shelf about Internet marketing to equip yourself with the knowledge to market your website online.  The reality is that most business owners who pay attention have some idea of the things that would like to see with their website.  The real benefit to an SEO consultant is implementation the right strategy and making it work.

You may have heard the term link building before.  It is what gives your website power to rank high in search engine rankings.  An effective SEO consultant already has proven methods that have been shown to work for websites to rank for major keywords which take out the guess work.

Complete Link Building Campaigns

As mentioned above link building is vital to the success of your website and the ability to rank for thousands of competitive terms online.  What you may not know is that there is more than one way to generate targeted links to your site.  Authority SEO uses a mix of over a dozen different proven methods for natural link building that supports your website in becoming a revenue generating portal.
The other key is not just the different mix of link building though the ability to do it a thousand times.  You cannot fake Google with some automated link generation.  Any product that promotes instant link building or rankings by submitting them to search engines is being less than truthful about the results.  Natural link building that works take real people creating high quality links.  Authority SEO has over 250 dedicated people creating links for our clients every month.

Your Campaign Stays Up to Date

If you haven’t noticed things change rapidly online.  A good SEO consultant can keep your Internet marketing campaign utilizing the best and latest tactics for a successful website.  As I am writing this online reviews are playing a huge role in the ability for a website to rank and that has all come about in the last 60 days.  This is one example of how with Authority SEO you can stay ahead of the curve as it relates to what is important for search engine optimization.

Increase Your Conversion Percentage

What does ranking for the best keyword in your industry do if you don’t convert it to a sale or lead.  How your website converts your traffic is just as important as getting the traffic itself.  This is one of the reasons you won’t hear people from Authority SEO selling keyword rankings.  We work with your entire online campaign from web visitor to completion of sale to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Everyone Needs Support

Most people want to be able to do things themselves though you are in business to sell or promote your products or services; not to be SEO consultants.  The best companies know how to find the best people to meet all the needs of their growing business.  Authority SEO works as an Internet Revenue Generating Partner.  We work with you and your current team to find the best strategies to turn your website into a profit center.