How to Use Online Video as a Marketing Tool

Nearly everyone in the world has heard of online video, internet video, viral videos, or whatever terminology is being used to describe it, it is mostly know as YouTube. Perhaps you have watched video online, possibly you have been in some of the videos that are posted on Youtube. Users post videos of everything, funny stuff, tutorials, accidents, you name it they got it. So how can people watching videos online benefit your website or your business? It can help it immensely. Videos can go viral, which means they spread incredibly fast throughout the Internet and get seen my millions. A video does not have to go viral to be effective for your business. Putting out information, or instructional, entertaining or even a funny video can eventually be seen by millions and on the videos you can link to your site, say your your websites web address, put text overlays on your video with your business name and put captions in with your business name. Videos show up in search engine ranking and all the major search engines have video search engines that just serve up videos

Authority SEO has been creating videos for online use for their clients for over 5 years. The videos we have created for our clients have been viewed by over 5 millions viewers. That is some power marketing and here is the greatest thing, it is cheap! The average cost for us to shoot a video for, do the editing and syndication for YouTube and other video websites is only about $1000.  That is a lot of bang for your buck. No radio, TV or newspaper advertising campaign has the potential to reach millions and will continue to reach viewers for years to come. Once a radio or TV stop showing no one will ever see it again, but online video will remain online for a long long time.

Video marketing may be the most cost effective form of advertising EVER! It is word of mouth advertising on a world wide scale. To get more information on how can help you reach more customers give us a call.