Gold Scams To Avoid

Currently there are many gold scams out there.  At ITM Trading we care and take interest in our clients and we want to help many people avoid them.  There are companies out there that don’t share the same beliefs.

When a product is hot on the market there always seems to be a scam that comes with it.  Criminals and scammers take advantage of these instances just to make a quick buck.  Most often these scam companies try to get you to wire them money for a product or send them your coins which then leaves you with nothing cause that company suddenly disappears.  Reputable companies will not do this.  Always do research about a specific company or ask around.  You may be referred to a honest company who is willing to help you not scam you.  There are great companies out there who offer knowledge and are honest about their fees upfront.  For more information on a company you can check the BBB, PCGS, NGC and ANA before investing.  Just remember some complaints are normal cause nobody or company is perfect.

There are also companies out there that do false advertising.  They claim they have rare coins only to find out they are very common coins.  They could be graded bullion coins to increase premiums, which you should never invest in or coins being sold close to bullion value for high percentage markups.  Compare gold prices at different companies to obtain the best price.  Some companies are there to help you answer all your questions like ITM Trading while others offer little or no information and others charge more for one on one consulting.

Being in the gold business, we here at ITM Trading always get phone calls about selling gold jewelry or junk gold which is known as cash for gold.  There are a lot of these cash for gold companies popping up everywhere.  All companies are out to make a profit.  Be careful with these places.  The payout they give you depends on business to business.  Some will offer as low as 40% with the average being 50-75%.  So again, do your research.

The gold market has different products available, which include bullion coins, bars and rare gold coins.  Keep your goals in mind before investing in the product that is best for you.  Contact ITM Trading to have all your questions answered.