Google+, Is It An Alternative To Facebook?

Google Plus is Google’s version of Facebook. Today, 90 million people are using it. Google + is taking off, although it is a far cry from the amount of Facebook users but give it time it only been 6 months and there is already a crowd. Google+ for Business The most important reason that one should have to get your business on Google+ is simple. Google owns Google Plus and Google products tend to rank well. What this means for you is that your search engine visibility stands to either noticeably improve or gradually decline by not including yourself.

Another reason you need to be on Google + is the new “Search Plus Your World” algorithm (Search+), which uses data collected from user who have logged in to their Google+ account. The search results that display will be promoting people and businesses alike on Google+. The personalization of search and the growth of social marketing are 2 subjects we here at AuthoritySeo have been talking about for 4-5 years. Google is moving more and more to delivering search results based on personalization signals that include elements of user engagement. Yes, this is still relatively early-stage, but make no mistake, new patterns are being established for the long term. Now, more than ever it is important to make sure you have your online strategy in place.

 Advantages of Google+ Pages for Business

Although related changes to search results were an easy prediction several months ago, there’s now plenty more visible evidence from recent Google algorithm updates that demonstrate the importance of Google+ practices effecting search results both inside and outside the Google+ environment. It takes a lot of work to maintain status updates and community response on an active Facebook fan page. Google does not index Facebook posts, and updates and neither does Facebook. Great Facebook updates and wall posts are here today and hidden tomorrow.

Lets say you have a awesome Facebook post that stirs up hundreds of commments, great but all of that original content is lost in the ethos in a matter of days on a active Facebook page. It will soon vanish with no commonly known way for anyone to look for or happen upon it in the future. On Google Plus like Facebook, you’ll see updates from those you follow in your Circle. But here is the critical difference, unlike Facebook, the content in your Google+ posts may turn into highly ranked search results on Google. Is it fair? no. It is important yes. For those on Facebook who could careless is their post about getting new shoes gets ranked, this is meanlingless to them, but to the business owner or fan page owner who is trying to market their business or themselves this is a critical difference. Google + posts will be providing keyword and topic-relevant search engine visibility that improves based on your “Author Rank” and content-specific engagement levels.

A second key advantage relates to how you can target your messaging and more directly interact with your followers, organizing those you follow into the circles (groups) of your choosing. Google+ has done a good job of enabling a fairly intuitive way to track and engage with segments of an audience curated by you.

This is what we do.

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