The Age Of Digital Marketing and The Internet Search Engine

For the few of us that are approaching our 2nd decade in the digital marketing era it is hard to believe that nearly 2 decades have past since digital marketin came into being. It seems only last year that my Compaq was dialing up on AOL and I was hoping to get a fast connection with some decent speed. Digital marketing then was loading meta tags with keywords and putting as many keywords in to the page as possible without making the page completely unreadable.

Fast forward to 2012 and now there are so many facets to promoting your business online it is difficult to keep pace. I spend the majority of my time researching, reading, testing theory, and teaching the new techinques and software to my team.

Things come and go so quickly and you spent a great deal of time becoming an expert in the latest website craze only to discover in the next week that the website is on its death bed and no one is using it anymore. Can anyone say MySpace althought its not dead but Facebook has seemed to make it forgotten.

Now comes Pinterest and the scramble to learn, understand, and develope a strategy to help our marketing clients us it to increase business and revenue.

With the changes that occur in the internet marketing field a saying that has always been used in the legal field has now become true for internet marketing. “The man you hires himself to handle his digital marketing has a fool for a client”. This is not only true today but will be true tomorrow and this mistake could be a costly. Attracking new customers before your competition gets them is a race and is oftem a critical race which can determine the very survival of your business.

This not only holds true for internet and ecommerce businesses but also for your local coffee shop. You store may never sell a item online but if you are not developing you online presence your business will soon go the way of the 8 track tape.

I hear what a few business owners say, “Why do I need to be on the internet, cut hair for a living”. Well here is why, there are new people moving to your business area everyday, there are visitors to your business area, there new potential customers who are not satisfied with your competitors service, truly the reasons are endless. Now lets say this customer is searching onine for your service, and guess what they are not finding your business but they are finding your competition. Guess what, they get the new customer and you don’t.

Here is the best part often for local small business the cost of getting your business found on the internet is fairly cheap. You can spend as little as $200 and get pretty good results from your investment.

If you have a business and do not have someone helping you with your online marketing you need to call me today. Everyday you wait you are losing money!