Using Google To Grow Your Business

As most people know there are billions of people that use Google and many of the Google products that they offer

online and offline nearly everyday. Products such as internet search, maps, Google Earth, GMail, Android phones

and many other useful items. Unfortunately many of you don’t use these items to grow your own business and

increase your web presence in this digital marketing era. Digital marketing, search engine marketing, web

marketing, social media marketing or whatever name you choose to call it by is the wave of the current future and

if you are not taking advantage of it you are going to get left behind.  Make use of this guide for using Ahrefs and

understand or reverse engineer sites, as it is an essential part of SEO and with time can help make your own website

better by increasing its ranking. You can learn more about BlazingBronco here.


Google Search Engine

There are so many ways that Google alone can help your business and I’m going to give you a few examples. Search

engines results are served up by Google when a person enters a word or phrase in to Google’s search website.

Google then returns a list of organic results to the user. This list is not random, it is carefully calculated by

Google to try to give you the best results possible for the term you searched for.


Google Gmail

If you are not using email then get out from under that rock and lets get moving. Email and instant texts are how

we communicate with customers effectively and efficiently.


Google Maps

Google maps are used by computer, pad and smart phone users to locate businesses and find directions to them. If

you do not have a Google account that has been set up properly you will not show up on Google maps.


Google Profile

Google has a area for you set up and enter information about yourself and your business. The profile is searchable

online and can be loaded with images, links, videos and more.


Google Places

This is another way to use Google to help get your business found. Places shows up in local search results, pads,

smart phones, and other Google apps.


You Tube

Google owns Youtube and it can be used to post videos about your services and products. YouTube videos can be

found in search results as well if set up correctly.


Google Products

Google has a shopping platform that lists products from a multitude of retailers. Can be difficult to set and

maintain, but very useful to help drive sales.


These are certainly not everything Google has to offer but these are some of the ones that can take your business

to the next level and beyond. How do I know this to be true. I have personally soldover $100,000,000.00 worth of

products and services on the internet and I understand thw power of theses tools. They can litteally change your

life over night.


Now you’re saying I run my business or I don’t have a web person on my staffm how do I take advantage of these

tools. That is where comes. With our staff of SEO/SEM and Google certified experts we can take

the long arduous task of setting up and building all of these Google products out of your hands and do it right

the first time, and there are resources online, the K2SEO blog is a great resource for online marketers where you can get

help with this. Here is the best part the cost is small. Packages start as low as $300 and with that you can get

your business listed on Google and many of its useful programs. Call AuthoritySEO today to learn more.


Warning! Setting up these programs incorrectly can do your business more harm than good and the damage could be permanent. Do not trust the future of your business to anyone but Professional Google Experts