SEO or PPC for Brand New Website

If you are a brand new website than you have big questions on how to spend your Internet marketing budget.  The idea for this post is from one of our own clients is struggling with this issue as we speak.  The obvious answer would be both though that may not be the best strategy and the first answer would be it depends so that narrows it done.  So lets look at the different pros and cons and you can decide for yourself which is the right direction for your new website.

The basic concept for which one is start first comes form the fact that your brand new website is not going to rank for the major keywords in your industry right away so you have to find a way to get traffic and sales in the door.  Which is why almost every new website always starts with some sort of PPC campaign whether they hire a company like Authority SEO to help or do it themselves, and there are some great other resources for this online, here you can read a indepth guide about SEO in Norwegian.

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SEO or PPC for New Websites

Sound simple right set up an Adwords account in Google, pick some keywords and watch the traffic and sales pour in.  The reality for anyone who has marketed on Adwords is first you can’t believe how expensive the keywords you want are and most websites find that though they get traffic they often get few calls or sales from their initial Adwords budget.

There are many factors for this and each are individualized for your particular website and not the point for this post.

So now you are in a tough spot.  You have Adwords going through your budget fast with little to show and you know organic rankings with SEO take awhile, so what to do?

How I would handle it for a brand new website where monitoring every dollar spent is crucial, I would do no PPC or Adwords.  Yes that means you don’t get the instant satisfaction that your website goes live and it has instant web traffic though you get the satisfaction a year from now that your website still exists.  Here is my plan.  You take the money you were going to spend on Adwords and you save it for operating expenses while your SEO campaign ramps up.  If you hire a good SEO company like Authority SEO you will start to see more and more sales every month and have a productive stream of organic traffic that is growing after 90 days and especially after 180 days.  Once you website has started to bring in consistent revenue than I would start looking at what type of budget you want for Adwords and now have revenue coming in the door to handle the optimization needed to make PPC have a ROI.