Website Building and Internet Marketing For Lawyers and Attorneys in Phoenix

A recent study just released on August 5th 2012 shows that with the current state of the economy

that there are more people graduating with law degrees that there are positions available for those

graduates. What does this mean to existing attorneys and young attorneys? What is means is more

competition. Certainly there are attorneys that have a large client base who could weather this

onslaught of new lawyers but with clients looking to save money, new lawyers coming in to Phoenix,

less legal work over all, the new graduating class coming in to the work force, the competition for

clients and legal work is going to get heated.


In the past most attorneys relied on referrals from other attorneys, other clients, you can read this content and learn more about how to find the best attorney . Some take out full page ads in the phone book, while others stoop to cheesy TV ads that attrack bottom feeding clients.


Authority SEO has offered a solution for many of our attorney clients. A professional local business website deisgn,

detailing your area of expertise, level of experience and your commitment to your clients and future

clients. Your reputation is important, and having a poorly constructed website, with no digital

marketing can do more damage to your practise and good.


Authority SEO works with many attorneys in many different types of practises. We never work with more

than 1 attorney is a area in the same type of practise. What this means to you. If you are a tax

attorney in Scottsdale AZ, as long as you are a client of Authority SEO you will never have to worry

about us working on your competitions website.


In today’s fast moving instant search world, you cannot afford to sit and wait for clients to come

to you. You must be able to found and attract new clients in as many ways possible. Authority SEO is

a Phoenix Digital Marketing Firm that will work on all facets of your internet marketing campaign.

This includes websites, social media, video, blogs, forums, press releases, white papers, web

profiles, links, business listings and much more.


If you would like to increase your web presence, attract more customers, get found for your area of

practise, and do this in the shortest period of time possible you need to call The Revenue

Generating Partners at today!