Is Someone Holding Your Business Hostage With Your Own Domain and Website?

After being in the webdesign, ecommerce, internet marketing industry for 13 years you tend to start thinking you have heard it all, but of course that is never the case. There is always something that you hear or come across that makes you think. One of the most common problems we come face to face with is the customer or potential customer that is being held hostage by a SEO company. Typically it is a individual masquerading as a SEO firm, and knew the person and that is how the acquired their business with them. This person tells the customer, “Oh sure, I can build you a website and get you ranked on Google easy.” Then they try to do it for a few hundred bucks an quickly get over their head and either quit working on the site or want more money to work on the site.

This would not be so bad, usually they have not charged very much because they had no clue how much work it actually takes to get a website ranked. Lesson to be learned here, Beware the I the guy who says he’ll get you ranked for $99, because it won’t happen. Now comes the worst news, the guy they hired, boought the URL or domain in his name and has it on his server.

Many of you will not know what I’m talking about here, but you can check out our Local marketing courses and take my word for it. Now after a year or 2 and you have not had any traffic or sales from your website and your thinkging maybe you should have not gone with the guy on your golf league for your website and internet marketing. After all he is in insurance sales.

So you call him up to ask for your information, logins, hosting account, FTP account logins and he tells you that all of that belongs to him, including the domain. Ok it is possible to get your domain back through legal means but this takes time lawyers and money. All you really want is the domain becuase the website is most likely worstless, but he is angry that you are leaving and won’t be paying him anymore money to do nothing. Don’t let this happen to you. registers your domain name in your name or you grant them access to your Godaddy account and they either set up hosting for you on there or on their server. Your domain name stays in your name and your website is transferable if ever needed. Here at Authority SEO we do not want customers to leave so we provide measurable, realistic results for clients. We strive to make you more money so that we become a integral part of your revenue generation.

With professional, functional, clean website designs, and white hat internet marketing and social media marketing, you can be certain you website and marketing are in the hands of true professionals with a long standing reputation to back it up.

If you are being held hostage by someone who is hi-jacking your domain and website, give us a call at 513-399-7361 to see how wee can help you. We have a east coast and a west coast office to serve our clients.