New Years Resolution to Increase SEO for Your Business

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Rush Hour Traffic Podcast - How being successful for New Years Resolutions for weight loss works the same for being successful in increasing online sales in 2011. Setting realistic goals for SEO success Creating an Internet marketing lifestyle for your website Learn where to put your keywords on your site … [Read more...]

Fastest Way to Increase Search Engine Traffic for Existing Sites

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If you have a website then how to get more traffic is a common question you are probably talking about.  What many websites don't realize is that they have tons of web visitors so close to finding their website that they don't even know about.  The following way to increase traffic is for existing sites as new sites don't haven't had the time to build up search engine rankings yet. Fastest Way to Increase Traffic is Learning What Keywords Your Site Ranks for on the Second Page of Google Search Results First to understand how to increase your traffic we have to take a look at Google.  If you type in any keyword into Google you see on the first page the top … [Read more...]

Internet Advertising Revenues Projected Up for 2010

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New forecasts project 2010 to be a good year for online advertising revenues.  MagnaGlobal Internet forecasting and analysis firm predicts Internet advertising revenues to rise 12.4% over 2009 revenues.  For 2011, they project another increase of 11.7% while maintaining a 11% increase over the next three years.  MagnaGlobal projects that world wide online advertising spending with reach $104 billion by 2015 with paid search making up 49% of the total spend.  The projection in 2010 will be $13 billion spent in paid search which represents 48% of total revenue. … [Read more...]

Increase Demand for Web Videos Across Broader Range of Content

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The usage continues to increase for online video, which is wonderful for providers like Hulu and and their advertisers.  According to a new report, the number of consumers in the U.S. who viewed web video during tv viewing hours increased 14% in the last year.  That total is now at around 65 million people tuned into their computers and mobile devices instead of their tv sets in the evenings during the week, and they are watching an even more broader range of content.  Content that becomes the paramount aspect as advertisers position themselves for the launch of Google TV and other platforms that will allow consumers to view virtually anything on a single … [Read more...]

Youtube Makes Creating and Editing Videos Easier

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Developing videos to advertise your products or services is now even easier thanks to the brand new set of cloud based video editing tools from Youtube.  Internet marketers and content publishers can now build a library of web videos and enhanced opportunities for brand visibility at the same place. Youtubers have the ability to cut from videos, create montages of different clips and add or change accompanying music using Youtube's commercial library of licensed songs.  While in itself a significant development, there's also the possibility that the new video editor may be integrated into Google's Chrome operating system to provide a completely Web based tool … [Read more...]

Google’s Caffeine Gives Internet Search Results Pages a Boost

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Web surfers are experiencing a much different internet search engine results page thanks to Google's new Web indexing program, Caffeine.  There is no question - the impact on Internet businesses will be great going ahead.  Google claims Web search results are now 50% fresher as Caffeine enable index updates on a continuous basis rather than ever few weeks or months.  The result is an environment where more universally accessible content (video, image, audio, and reviews) is available and it is intersection with real time search in a prominent way.  The new index will force Web professionals to set up content development creation and their social media creativity … [Read more...]

Twitter Launches Twitter Places to Give Real Time Search to Local Search

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Twitter now launches Twitter Places which offers real time search to local search.  Many websites have attempted to make a seamless marriage of local search and real time search, though Twitter probably has the best chance at doing.  You can now find Twitter Places used with 65 countries for both and How Twitter Places Work Twitter Places adds a location tag to your Tweets.  This allows people to search for tweets in their city, area, or event like the World Cup.  Your location is displayed right below your "what's happening" box on your Twitter homepage.  By clicking your location you can change where you are Tweeting … [Read more...]

Why Keyword Research is Vital SEO for Any Website

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Most business owners understand what one or two major keywords are important to their business. To take those keywords even further is keyword research. Finding objectively how people are search for any business is a vital aspect for any Internet marketing strategy. As an Internet Marketing Firm, keyword research is one of the very first things our team does for any new project. Strategic Solutions Research uses keywords to help you maximize the potential of your brand. The last time you searched in Google or Bing what keywords did you type in? Did you find what you where looking for? Did you type in multiple different search word phrases to find the right … [Read more...]

Top 5 Ways to Improve Conversion Rate and Call to Action

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Have you found that when people land on your website they are not engaging in the way you want them to.  For instance your website is not generating leads or sales the way you believe it should.  The problem may in your "Call to Action" on the site.  An effective "Call to Action" is essential as your visitors need to be walked through your website to the features you want.  Improvements to "call to action" increases your conversion rate which leads to more sales or leads instantly. Top 5 Ways to Improve "Call to Action" 1. Big Button Make sure your "call to action" button is big and is above the fold.  Above the fold means what a visitor sees on their … [Read more...]

Top 5 SEO Mistakes Website Owners Make

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Now, just about every person and business has a website in some facet or another.  The next question that always comes up is why don't I rank for the keywords I want to.  As an Internet marketing firm this is the question that most business owners are confused by.  The following is the Top 5 SEO  mistakes website owners make to get their websites to rank in the top of Google search results for the keywords they want. Top 5 SEO Mistakes 1. Too Many Keywords It is important that each page have a keyword that you are targeting.  Many websites either only look at what the keywords are for the home page and forget all about every other page, or they stuff … [Read more...]

New Click Fraud Click Laundering Discovered by Microsoft

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There is a new form of click fraud that has been discovered my Microsoft.  This week Microsoft has filed two lawsuits against online advertising companies that have partaken in click laundering.  Microsoft discovered the fraud do to unusual high volume of clicks coming from two different websites.  If the fraud companies hadn't been so obvious and greedy, Microsoft stated that they could have defrauded online merchants for hundreds of thousands of dollars over time. click fraud is one of the biggest reasons why search engine optimization (SEO) typically returns a higher return on investment (ROI) then pay per click (PPC) advertising.  With PPC a websites pays … [Read more...]

Top Search Engine Rankings for April 2010

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comScore released search engine analysis for April 2010 which looks at how people search in sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  The highlights are in the United States there were 15.5 billion core searches, with Google leading the lay controlling 64.4% of all searches performed. Google doubles search traffic for Yahoo and Bing combined Top Search Engines Rankings April 2010 Google still dominates all search traffic while Yahoo search traffic was up 0.8% to 17.7% and Microsoft, which is Bing, was up 0.1% to 11.8%.  The other top search engines comes in at 3.7% and AOL at 2.4%.  Recent inclusions of other media channels in both Yahoo and Bing have led … [Read more...]

Mobile Web the Future of Internet Trends

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Never mind slow progress: Mary Meeker, head of the world tech research group at Morgan Stanley believes that the mobile Internet will be bigger desktop Internet within the next five years, according to her new report titled "State of the Internet."  Meeker says that 5 paramount trends will boost this amazing opportunity: 3G mobile networks, social media, Web videos, voice over IP (VOIP) and advances in smart phones.  Mobile's earth shattering pace is "unprecedented I think, in world history," said Meeker. She also offers looking to Japan for indicators in investment possibilities where 66% of mobile Internet revenue is from data access, 21% is from e-commerce, … [Read more...]

Top 10 Shopping Comparison E-commerce Websites

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Shopping comparison websites or called "shopping portals" are websites that show comparisons of products for people to browse through to find the right merchant to buy from.  Though price is often a factor, customer reviews and other trust factors play a vital role in determining who a person will buy from. When evaluating shopping comparison websites for e-commerce it is important understand not only clicks though how though clicks convert to sales and eventually calculate a return on investment.  What you will find often that different shopping comparison sites offer different value for your products and each one has specific ways to optimize the … [Read more...]

New Google Adwords Sales Funnel Reports that Shows Total Sales Funnel

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Google released a new report for AdWords merchants March 2010 and it could change the way you are marketing on the Internet.  The AdWords Search Funnels reports give marketers with understanding into what ads visitors see  during the shopping procedure or product research. The reports, currently in beta are designed to provide PPC advertisers with information about what AdWords ads are creating a conversion and which "upper-funnel" keywords are supporting conversions. Until now conversions were attributed to the last click of the end user.  The issue is that marketer doesn't know how much time passed since the first time that online visitor clicked an Adwords … [Read more...]

Online Advertising Revenue Showing Signs of Economic Recovery

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Online web advertising revenues in the US hit an all time high of $6.3 billion in the fourth quarter of 2009, adding more fuel to the fire, at least in the digital genure, economic recovery is closer than you think. The review from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) also found that search ad revenues ($10.7 billion) consisted 47 percent from the 2009 total, and that digital video playing advertising increased 39 percent. The review was consistent with the current release of AdGooroo's Q1 Search Engine Advertising Update that demonstrated greater overall spending for the first quarter of 2010. Yahoo! was one of the top online companies according to this … [Read more...]