Google Search Engine Optimizatin Update for April 2010

google update

The following are a summary of the updates on their search engine results from Google directly.  Google offers on a regular basis information on changes in their search results which allows both better understanding for the web searcher and for SEO consultant companies to better adjust strategies to meet the Internet goals of businesses. Google Suggest One major improvement in Google web searching is Google Suggest which is the keyword help that Google gives you once you start typing into the search bar.  Google Suggest has been around since 2008 though new improvements have made it even better especially for non English speaking countries. The search … [Read more...]

How to Sell More Products During the Holiday Season – Offer Free Shipping

holiday online shopping santa

Hitwise did research on the use of the term "free shipping" in search engine rankings.  You can see from the graph below that the term "free shipping" spikes during the holiday season. Online shopping is becoming more and more how people shop for Christmas and other holidays.  Take advantage of this by offering 'free shipping" for your online store You can also see from the graph that more people are searching "free shipping" over the years which is more proof that more people are using the internet to do their holiday shopping. … [Read more...]