Case Studies

When is the last time a marketing company claimed to not be an expert?  It doesn’t happen.  Now, every one seems to be an expert in search engine optimization (SEO).  It can be hard to determine who is telling the truth.  As a business owner nothing is more powerful than real results.  We believe case studies of actual website clients speaks for themselves.

At Authority SEO, we are proud of our internet marketing results and believe the hard work in the trenches to drive web traffic to our clients makes a difference.  Please, enjoy reading the following stories of some of our clients and the results they have achieved.

internet marketing case (LLT)

Now, over 45,000 unique visitors a month find’s products and services.  LLT offers online personal trainer services with a complete health and fitness online store.  Authority SEO has worked with LLT from the beginning to build their customer base and their online traffic.  Through a consistent approach on how to build a brand online LLT was able to generate 278,296 new visitors in its first year (2007).  In 2009, LLT is on pace to exceed 450,000 unique visitors. (RG)

online store case study was a successful online store selling high quality wedding dresses at discount prices when they partnered with Authority SEO.  The goal was to increase organic traffic as RG relied heavily on Google Adwords (PPC).  In one year, RG has been able to increase there Google organic search traffic by 900% and reduce their costs of Google Adwords by 75%.  You can do the math on the increase in sales and the lower cost of expenses.

Now, RG is reaching out with the support of Authority SEO to offer their customers even more services with Wedding 101 ( which is a complete online guide to any bride planning her wedding.  With Wedding 101 you have a content management system with every aspect on how to plan a wedding.  Plus, their own social site where “brides to be” can share and discuss the journey of planning a wedding.  Wedding 101 also delivers a blog to keep people up to date with the current trends and informative podcast.

local business case

Sedona Labs is a leader in the pharmaceutical grade production of nutrition products.  Their need was that they didn’t rank in Google search results for their own products.  In three short months Authority SEO was able to achieve Top 10 ranking in Google search results for all of their products including the more competitve prodcut of “iflora.” (WCN)

ecommerce case studyWhen started working with Authority SEO, they were already a highly success nutrition supplement website.  Authority SEO was able to work with them to structure their search engine optimization efforts through proper use of analytics.  Through SEO tools we were able to determine thousands of keywords that WCN ranked for on the second page of Google.  By targeting these keywords so close to receiving consistent traffic, Authority SEO was able to support their ever growing global dominance in the online nutritional supplement market.  WCN now boasts over 23,000 different keywords that send targeted traffic with high conversion percentages on a monthly basis.

local seo case studyWhen people think about Internet marketing they first think about the keywords they want to rank for.  Though keywords are important they don’t matter if you don’t have an effective visitor conversion funnel.  Conversion funnels are how you direct your web visitors to understand and lead them through the buying process or joining process depending on your website.  With, Authority SEO created a conversion funnel for each page of the website which increased their conversion rate from 1.54% to 3.13% instantly in one month.  Effective conversion funnels can increase sales before you even look at traffic.

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