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Are you looking to hire a website the designer in the Phoenix, AZ area? Do need a website built for you Arizona business? Do you have a website built by someone and now you Many business owners are starting to realize that they need a website whether they sell online or not. The problem is it is difficult at best to find out were to start and who to start with. Most will turn to the internet or ask a friend who built theirs. Many times you end up being overwhelmed by choices and blown away by prices. Your friend may tell you his child built it, or someone at work built it. Typically when that is the case the website is just a calling card or a business … [Read more...]

Website Building and Internet Marketing For Lawyers and Attorneys in Phoenix

A recent study just released on August 5th 2012 shows that with the current state of the economy that there are more people graduating with law degrees that there are positions available for those graduates. What does this mean to existing attorneys and young attorneys? What is means is more competition. Certainly there are attorneys that have a large client base who could weather this onslaught of new lawyers but with clients looking to save money, new lawyers coming in to Phoenix, less legal work over all, the new graduating class coming in to the work force, the competition for clients and legal work is going to get heated.   In the … [Read more...]

Gold Scams To Avoid


Currently there are many gold scams out there.  At ITM Trading we care and take interest in our clients and we want to help many people avoid them.  There are companies out there that don’t share the same beliefs. When a product is hot on the market there always seems to be a scam that comes with it.  Criminals and scammers take advantage of these instances just to make a quick buck.  Most often these scam companies try to get you to wire them money for a product or send them your coins which then leaves you with nothing cause that company suddenly disappears.  Reputable companies will not do this.  Always do research about a specific company or ask … [Read more...]

How Authority SEO Uses Social Media To Market It’s Clients

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Many small businesses are beginning to understand the power of social media tools and tactics. Studies by eMarketer reports that 260,000 small businesses across the US and Canada are employing social media tactics and using free trial strategies to get more followers. Furthermore 51% of small businesses are using social media for professional social networking. They are using tools like LinkedIn, Facebook,  and 28% are involved in microblogging using tools like Twitter. There are things to think about before starting. The most important is your time. Viral marketing through social media really requires a lot of original content and a great amount of time … [Read more...] Voted Best SEO Company in Mesa Arizona

Best SEO In Mesa Arizona

 Mesa Arizona's Best Internet Marketing Company! Authority SEO was proud to accept the award of "Best SEO company in Mesa Arizona", this week. Authority SEO was chosen for from many of the search engine marketing firms throughout the east valley. The award was based on ranking and traffic increases provided to web based business. Votes were taken from owners other SEO firms customers, search engine page results and reported statistics. Search engine rankings are a list of results that show on a search engines website. These results are not random in the least. They are chosen by Google, Yahoo or Bing or any of the other search engines that people may use. What … [Read more...]

Authority SEO Listed with Top SEOS

top seos 2010 works to identify to the top rate SEO firms in the industry.  Authority SEO is proud to be a member as one of the best search engine optimization companies. showcases a variety of SEO companies that from pure SEO, paid advertising, social media, and more. gets reviews from thousands of business each year to understand which SEO companies are delivering quality service to their clients. reviews of 3000 firms from the US, UK< Canada, Australia, and India. Mission Evaluate and identify the best companies that provide services and products in the internet marketing industry. Connect buyers … [Read more...]

Search Engine Firm Customer Testimonial

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I have always made hairbows and ribbons and have sold them to friends, neighbors, family, and others. For years I have been told that I should sell them to the world. So I'm thinking that would have to get a business, employees, lawyers...That to me sounded awful. I just wanted to sell more hairbows and make them myself. Well I found <B>Authority SEO </B>while searching for help on Google. I contacted them and was impressed that I reached a live person. That's unusual for most internet companies. I then proceeded to tel them that I knew absolutely nothing about the internet or websites. They explained to me that I didn't have to if I did not want to. … [Read more...]

How spending $5000 with Authority SEO saved me $500,000.00

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I'm writing this letter on behalf of my wedding dress shop  Until we started working with Authority SEO , Al Alexander  and Bryan Ashbaugh, all of our traffic came from pay per click traffic, most on Google adwords. We were spending over 1 million dollars a year. My wedding gown business is one of the largest in the world but the PPC traffic was eating up our profits. We had a consultation and they laid out what they were going to do for us and how it would help us make more money and save more money. Right from the start I was told that they knew that could save us money on the PPC and drive more traffic to our site. We signed up for their … [Read more...]

Authority SEO Turns Sushi Restaurant Website In To A Customer Driving Machine


Authority  SEO's new client Health Fusion Sushi Restaurant had a website for their Sushi bar business but other than the owner Jim Ferreri knowing about it, there was  no one else. He came to us with the request to make it possible for customers searching for a sushi restaurant to find his restaurant. We did a search for for sushi restaurant in his city of Edgewood and his site didn't even show in the search results for that. With absolutely no search results we started working. It was a multi faceted approach. Local,  google maps, video, website work, content creation, restaurant rating website submissions, social media were just part of the work we did to his … [Read more...]

Loan Approval Process for FHA Loans

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A lot of questions have come up on the new load approval process for the FHA.  Parker Finch, a Phoenix based HOA community management company has investigated to make it easy to you to understand the new policies.  If you contact Parker Finch you can get information they gained from a seminar they attended by Carpenter, Hazelwood, Delgado & Wood on FHA approvals for condominiums. Three quick questions to understand your approval Are less than 50% of all units owner occupied Do you currently have an excess of 15% in delinquencies Does one person own more than 10% of all units If you answered yes to any of the three questions listed above you will … [Read more...]

Excellent Idea for Businesses an Internet Marketing Adviser

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You might be thinking what is the difference between an Internet Marketing Adviser and and a SEO consultant?  The answer lies in if you or your company has already paid large sums of money to Internet marketing gurus only to find the only thing they are good at is sending invoices.  An Internet Marketing Adviser is a person who has experience with successful ecommerce businesses who can play a role in supporting a business make Internet marketing decisions including on consultants and vendors to hire. The key difference is the adviser is not a vendor.  You will never get good feedback on your marketing ideas from a consultant who has it in his best interests to … [Read more...]

New Website Promoting Launch of Donald Trump’s Project the Trump Network

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Authority SEO is working to increase online visibility for the Diamond Development Team (DDT).  The Diamond Development Team is a group of successful business owners and network marketers who have come together to share ideas and proven strategies for business success. The focus of the DDT right now is the Trump Network which is an exciting new network marketing opportunity by Donald Trump.  The team has idetified the Trump Network as it has one of the best compensation plans in the industry. Authority SEO is working with the DDT to use Internet marketing as a new way of creating new members and a more financially successful team. … [Read more...]

Tv Travel Online Partners with Authority SEO

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Tv Travel Online which delivers legitimacy and great business opportunities for those that want to work from home.  Through Tv Travel Online people can make a great living support people in getting great deals and low fares on travel. Now, Tv Travel Online has partnered with Authority SEO to expand their client base so more people can achieve their financial goals with extra income or with a home based business. Authority SEO is supporting them in increasing their online visibility through multiple mediums to allow more people online to find the great business opportunities that Tv Travel Online offers. … [Read more...]

Natures Organic Market Powers Online Marketing with Authority SEO

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Natures Organic Market is an ecommerce online store that specializes in organic products.  Find high quality and low prices on organic baby clothes, cleaning products, coffee, toys, and more. Authority SEO has partnered with Natures Organic Market to increase their online visibility which will allow more people to find their all natural products. Certified organic products are produced using strict guidelines to farming practices to the non use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, and other toxins.  The part of organic products is you get the high quality product you want that works with the environment. … [Read more...]

Do You Know What People are Saying About Your Company Online

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I looking through one of my clients analytics to create a monthly report on the traffic when I see one of the keywords that got traffic had the word scam in it.  I put the keyword phrase into Google's search bar and to my amazement what I found were fake accounts under the companies name with negative reviews placed the same day.  The profiles online were not created by Authority SEO or the company themselves.  What I can figure is work of a competitor attempting to deface an honest company. Do you know what people are saying about your company online? I have already read about people creating fake accounts on Twitter and Facebook to steal companies name in an … [Read more...]

Parker Finch Partners with Authority SEO to Enhance Online Brand

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Parker Finch a leader in HOA management with offices in Phoenix, Denver, and Las Vegas wanted to increase their online visibility.  Parker Finch have started to market their company through their website and now want to optimize their online brand. Parker Finch has a tremondous opportunity to expand its customer base through on page optimization to better tell their story and through consistent Internet marketing strategy that supports their brand. … [Read more...]