New Custom Blog for Precision Trials

phoenix women health issues

Authority SEO lauches a new custom blog for Preicision Trials.  The new blog is  Now, Precision Trials can engage thier future customers with latest information on the health issues that affect their lives.  Find information on birth control, osteoporosis, health issues of the uterus, and more. The blog offers visitors to interact more with Precision Trials with article ratings, interactive comments, polls, email posts, and more. Custom blogs offer a unique way to create online visibility that works with information in real time as blog search engines are indexing posts hourly. … [Read more...]

New Social Site for Brides Planning Their Weddings

wedding social community

Authority SEO launches Bridal Space for Bridal Online Store.  Bridal Space is new social site just for brides getting married.  Now, you can chat, share ideas, and more all in one site. Bridal Space allows brides to add videos, photos, blogs, messages, and more to interact with other women going through the same life changing event, your wedding.  You can even add your Twitter feed into your Bridal Space site so you can edit and review all your social media from one site. If you are getting married please visit Bridal Space and join the fun with Wedding101 by Bridal Online Store. … [Read more...]

Authority SEO Launches new Content Management System

wedding contact management system

Bridal Online Store had created lots of great content to support their visitors with their complete wedding planning.  The issue with the content was that it wasn't indexed by the search engines and in a format that was easy to add and edit. Authority SEO created a content management system which you can see at  Now through an online admin tool any person they give access to can add articles and edit their content.  You don't need date base access to add articles and make changes. The other key aspect that changed was there were no links from the content back to Bridal Online Store.  That means once a person did find this … [Read more...]

ITM Trading Signs on with Authority SEO

itm trading gold market

ITM Trading a leader in buying and selling of rare gold coins and other precious metals has teamed with Authority SEO to increase their online visibility.  With the new enhancement of online marketing, ITM Trading hopes to offer their expert advice to more people who have interest in investing in gold. ITM Trading has been offering expert advice on the buying and selling of gold for years.  ITM Trading prides itself on full disclosure and focusing on the client's experience to better service their needs. … [Read more...]

SEO Results

seo results

When hiring an SEO firm to perform your web marketing strategies can be a hit or miss proposition. Authority SEO is proud to a results orientated firm that has delivered results for its clients and for its own ecommerce websites. This below is a small sample of real world SEO results that convert to sales. was able to increase their conversion to products sales by 259% which instantly increases sales on a daily basis from existing web traffic. has achieved keyword rankings for two major keywords in Google search rankings, Online Personal Trainer #3 and Personal Trainer #5. Both keywords are heavily … [Read more...] Continues Partnership with Authority SEO a leader in online personal trainer and dietician services continues its partnership with Authority SEO.  Live Lean Today offers a full service health and fitness solution from online coaching, videos, supplements, fitness equipement, and more. Live Lean Today now exceeds 15,000 different keywords that send targeted traffic on a monthly basis. … [Read more...]

Authority SEO Delivers Targeted Traffic for Save On Tans

Authority SEO has now teamed with to support people finding Save On Tans great deals on tanning salon appointments. Save On Tans is delivering a great service for consumers and business as they work to fill open tanning appointments at a discount for the customer.  Tanners get a great deal on their tanning, and business are able to fill their appointment books. … [Read more...]

Find Precision Trials Online with the Support of Authority SEO

Authority SEO has launched web marketing strategies of  Precision Trials offers state of the art physician research based Phoenix Clinical Trials. Precision Trials works to find answers to common health issues affecting women including birth control, menopause, osteoporosis, and more. … [Read more...]

Authority SEO Launches SEO Strategies for Bridal Online Store a leader in online wedding dress sales has teamed with Authority SEO to develop greater online visibility.  Bridal Online Store has been selling high quality wedding dresses online for over 7 years.  Their robust business has even greater room for improvement with key rankings of major keywords and engaging in effective social media strategies. Look for as you search online for wedding dresses and other wedding items. … [Read more...]