3 Ecommerce Website Store Trends

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If you want to open an Ecommerce online store it is easier than ever.  There are many different options that allow users with no to little programming experience build an online store to sell their products.  The question comes how do you seperate yourself from your competition.  My first answer would be SEO.  If you can out rank your competition for not just major keywords though the thousands of different ways your customers are searching for your products right now you will be successful. Videos are one Ecommerce trend you could implement without any tech knowledge For the purpose of this post though we are looking at Ecommerce website store trends which are … [Read more...]

Steps You Need to Translate the Language of Ecommerce Website

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You are looking at the stats of your Google Analytics and you see foreign countries that have visited your ecommerce online store.  Won’t it be great if those people could read your products in their own language.  Yes, we could be myopic and think that they should just learn English.  Business is about opportunities and right now very few online stores are taking advantage of all the potential customers who speak different languages.  Especially even in the United States that has a heavily populated Hispanic population. To translate your store you have to do more than Google translator Google has a feature called Google Translator that will translate any web … [Read more...]

3 Ecommerce Website Upgrades that Increase Sales

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Ecommerce websites are always looking on how to increase conversions.  Sometimes a website owner can tinker with their website so much with different items that they decrease conversions.  The following are three items that have been shown to increase conversions which means you increase sales without more traffic to your website. If you haven't spent time on your conversion percentage, now is the time Increasing sales through conversion percentage is always important though it can be even more important with the holiday season approaching.  Ecommerce websites need to have everything in place months before the holiday season to make sure all the bugs are … [Read more...]

5 Ecommerce Tips You Can Implement Today

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Every ecommerce website owner is always looking for ways to increase sales, lower costs, and make their marketing plan more effective.  Often small business owners get lost in the details of what they are already doing for their Internet marketing.  The goal of this article is to give the small business owner 5 tips that they can implement immediately that will support their overall efforts to increase profit from their website. Having your entire team understand how they can play a role in your SEO can pay huge dividends with extra links and content for your business 5 Ecommerce Tips You Can Implement Today Google Alerts: Google Alerts is a free service that … [Read more...]

5 Items to Check on Competitor Websites

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A vital part that should be part of your SEO and Internet marketing strategy is checking and verifying what the competition is doing.  Seeing what the competitions is doing can give you a great idea on what is working and what isn't.  When you start taking a look at your online competition you need to know what you are looking at.  The goal would be start a list that you can track and update with new information.  It is a good idea to do a review of your competition once a month. Your competition can give you great insight avenues for more revenue that you are missing 5 Items to Check on Competitor Websites Promotions: it is a good idea to keep up to date … [Read more...]

Lowering Prices is Not the Only Way to Increase Conversions on Your Online Store

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With every online merchant, you are constantly looking at how to improve your conversion rates.  Conversion rates are the percentage of visitors that follow through and make a purchase.  The average ecommerce website typically has a conversion rate of less than 2%.  If you use Google Adwords instead of organic search then expect an even smaller percentage of your visitors to buy.  You need to keep that number in mind when you estimate the revenue that your website can generate. You can also do the math to realize that if you could move the needle to a consistent 3% what that would do to your revenue stream.  Many online stores are always looking at how they … [Read more...]

Top 10 Ecommerce Tips

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We all want to sell more online.  As you start to plan how to increase sales on your website, listed below are ten tips to increase ecommerce. Top 10 Ecommerce Tips 1. Invest part of your budget into more fun and easy shopping experiences.  Fun doesn't have to cost much money and can separate you from your competition. 2. Use the analytics tools to better segment your visitors to create more direct and localized marketing messages. 3. Add product videos and other media you might have on your products. 4. Remove any annoying banners that flash or force people to listen to them over and over. 5. Add video demonstrations of your products or services in … [Read more...]

Ecommerce Solutions

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Authority SEO is a complete solution for your ecommerce needs and goals.  Starting an online business can be overwhelming.  The goal of Authority SEO is walk you through the process and the decision making to allow you to create the right online environment which generates sales.  Authority SEO was started by successful ecommerce business owners who have gone through every process of creating an ecommerce website to generating sales by search engine optimization.  We now utilized our proven team to create your ecommerce solution without the hassels of not knowing everything that needs to happen. "LiveLeanToday.com achieved 278,296 new visitors in its first year … [Read more...]