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hairbows testimonial

I have always made hairbows and ribbons and have sold them to friends, neighbors, family, and others. For years I have been told that I should sell them to the world. So I'm thinking that would have to get a business, employees, lawyers...That to me sounded awful. I just wanted to sell more hairbows and make them myself. Well I found <B>Authority SEO </B>while searching for help on Google. I contacted them and was impressed that I reached a live person. That's unusual for most internet companies. I then proceeded to tel them that I knew absolutely nothing about the internet or websites. They explained to me that I didn't have to if I did not want to. … [Read more...]

Constant Contact is the Email Marketing Service Used by Authority SEO


I believe the best review of a product or service comes from people who actually use the products or services.  I hear on the radio all the time people talking about products that you know they don't use just because they sponsor the show.  For the record I use Constant Contact for my email marketing campaigns.  You can see this in the right navigation where you can sign up for me free SEO newsletter.  In full disclosure, I also earn commission if you click one of the Constant Contact links, and we at Authority SEO would appreciate it if you like the SEO and Internet Marketing strategies that I provide that you use one of the links to sign up. Authority SEO … [Read more...]