New Click Fraud Click Laundering Discovered by Microsoft

click laundering

There is a new form of click fraud that has been discovered my Microsoft.  This week Microsoft has filed two lawsuits against online advertising companies that have partaken in click laundering.  Microsoft discovered the fraud do to unusual high volume of clicks coming from two different websites.  If the fraud companies hadn't been so obvious and greedy, Microsoft stated that they could have defrauded online merchants for hundreds of thousands of dollars over time. click fraud is one of the biggest reasons why search engine optimization (SEO) typically returns a higher return on investment (ROI) then pay per click (PPC) advertising.  With PPC a websites pays … [Read more...]

Spam in Twitter Trending Topics

twitter fraud

On the right hand navigation of your Twitter profile is trending topics.  A nice snapshot of the most tweeted topics on Twitter for the day.  The idea is sound as I like to see what people are saying about current news and events though now I stay away because the trending topics is full of spam. I believe spam is the #1 threat to Twitter.  Twitter needs to get a handle on the automatic spam that is every where in Twitter.  You now have to very careful when clicking on a link in trending topics as it could send you to a site ready to dump spyware and viruses onto your computer.  I personally use Trend Micro for security which prevents me from opening … [Read more...]

Worm in Fake Twitter Invite Creates Havoc – Warning

twitter worm

A warning has been spreading through the social networks reporting of a worm hidden in fake Twitter invite emails.  Symantec releases that the malicious email has a attachment which when downloaded unleashed a viscous worm that captures your email addresses and digs its way into your removable hard drives and shared folders. Look out for email saying "Your friend invited you to twitter!", and the fake Twitter email address is invitations  Instead of a link the email carries an attachment with a zip file.  One downloaded onto your computer havoc will ensue. The issue with this worm is that it isn't spreading through the website or … [Read more...]