Yahoo’s Geocities is Closing its Virtual Door

If you go to Yahoo Geocities you will find out that you can no longer create a new account.  Yahoo has announced that later this year it is shutting down Geocities, a now ancient free hosting platform.  Nothing has happened to existing account yet though you have to get your data out of Geocities before it officially closes it virtual door.  Yahoo says that more detail on retreiving  your data this summer. Yahoo will not be offering a new free web hosting service and is offering a discount for those that want to transfer their websites into their paid hosting accounts.  I would imagine not too many people take Yahoo up on this offer since the whole point of … [Read more...]

Why My Website Isn’t Working

So your website isn’t creating the traffic or revenue that you thought when you got into this business. There can be many different reasons a website fails to reach its potential. It could be that major issues like unclear direction for the website, some can be issues you are unaware of like broken links, or it could be that you utilize too much flash that distracts both your visitors and the search engines. The following is a look at common issues that keep your website from achieving success. If you are reading this article for the latest search engine optimization tips then you are on the wrong article. The goal of this article is to take a look at your … [Read more...]