Top 5 Tips for Successful Article Marketing

Article marketing is the process of adding unique articles you have written to article directories.  The goal of article directory sites is a place to find high quality content for your blog or website.  Your benefit would be that another person liked your article enough to place it on their own website or blog which increases your online visibility. The two advantages of article marketing are it is free exposure.  Most article directory sites are free for you to upload your article.  If you right a compelling article people can pick it up and place on their site.  The second is adding credibility to your company or website that you are an expert.  A highly … [Read more...]

Authority SEO Launches new Content Management System

wedding contact management system

Bridal Online Store had created lots of great content to support their visitors with their complete wedding planning.  The issue with the content was that it wasn't indexed by the search engines and in a format that was easy to add and edit. Authority SEO created a content management system which you can see at  Now through an online admin tool any person they give access to can add articles and edit their content.  You don't need date base access to add articles and make changes. The other key aspect that changed was there were no links from the content back to Bridal Online Store.  That means once a person did find this … [Read more...]

Why My Website Isn’t Working

So your website isn’t creating the traffic or revenue that you thought when you got into this business. There can be many different reasons a website fails to reach its potential. It could be that major issues like unclear direction for the website, some can be issues you are unaware of like broken links, or it could be that you utilize too much flash that distracts both your visitors and the search engines. The following is a look at common issues that keep your website from achieving success. If you are reading this article for the latest search engine optimization tips then you are on the wrong article. The goal of this article is to take a look at your … [Read more...]