Is Blogging Important For Getting Into The Search Engines?

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If you’re a online website business owner like us, you have certainly heard the buzz about blogging. I know what you're saying. I don't have time to blog or I can't type fast enough, or I don't have anything to blog about. 5 years ago I thought the same thing. I have a Web site, I put information on my website why should I be doing a blog? No one reads those blogs anyway? The truth is that blogging is probably one of the more important things you can do to get positioning on the web, and  it’s 100% free marketing if you have the time to do it yourself.  I love “free”, free is for me!. It takes some time to blog, but the more you do it, the … [Read more...]

5 Small Business Blog Post Ideas

You have started in the world of blogosphere for your small business and the reality sets in, Now What.  Blogging is an effective tool for increase brand awareness online though it can be a daunting task as to what to write about.  A successful blog needs to have consistent posts which means multiple times a week, and the top blogs have multiple posts per day.  This can be overwhelming at first until you create a strategy for how you are marketing your blog online. Remember a blog post unlike an article doesn't have to long 5 Small Business Blog Post Ideas Current events: you can use Google news, subscribe to RSS feeds for local news, or read the … [Read more...]

Why Blog Search Rankings are Important for Your Business – 2 Min SEO

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New Custom Blog for Precision Trials

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Authority SEO lauches a new custom blog for Preicision Trials.  The new blog is  Now, Precision Trials can engage thier future customers with latest information on the health issues that affect their lives.  Find information on birth control, osteoporosis, health issues of the uterus, and more. The blog offers visitors to interact more with Precision Trials with article ratings, interactive comments, polls, email posts, and more. Custom blogs offer a unique way to create online visibility that works with information in real time as blog search engines are indexing posts hourly. … [Read more...]

Two Things Your Company Should Have Online

With the present economy the way it is companies are cutting back on their marketing budgets.  One the biggest cuts is to internet marketing as most companies haven't gotten a firm grasp on the power of the web to market and increase sales. With less money to spend on marketing it is important to understand what is most important for your business.  An overall strategy for positioning and branding your company is more extensive than the information in this post, though the goal of this post is 2 things that your company should have online. Your company should have one blog.  A blog is a great way to interact with your customer on a more direct way.  The … [Read more...]