What type of comments get accepted

Another website had a survey they were doing as the type of comments people would accept on their blogs.  The major question they were looking for is do people accept comments when people put anchor text in the middle of the posted comment. Anchor text is the highlighted word or phrase that is then linked to another website or web page.  Anchor text is important from an SEO standpoint as anchor text tells search engines like Google that the highlight term is important on the website or web page the link is pointed to. Authority SEO will automatically delete comments with anchor text in them The overwhelming response was that bloggers delete comments that have … [Read more...]

Now Comment Using OpenId profile

Authority SEO now lets you comment on posts using your OpenId profile.  You can now use your DISQUS, Twitter, Facebook, and OpenId to interact and exchange views with Authority SEO and its readers. OpenId is your Internet profile that you can use on many websites so you don' t have the need for many different usernames and passwords.  Over 40,000 different websites support the use of OpenId for user profiles. At the bottom of the post just click the icon to log into your OpenId profile and add your comment. … [Read more...]

Comment on Posts Using Facebook and Twitter with Disqus


Authority SEO has added the service of DISQUS to offer visitors even more flexibility in commenting on posts.  Disqus is a comment feature company used by popular websites like LifeScript.com and Laughingsquid.com to organize and make it easier for people to comment on blog posts. For good coversations on posts it is helpful to know who you are.  With DISQUS service you can now post comments using your Twitter or Facebook account.  Many people stay logged into these two social media while they read online and can instantly increase the visibility of their profiles by adding good comments.  Check it out and post a comment on one of Authority SEO's posts. One … [Read more...]