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rush hour traffic podcast Rush Hour Traffic Podcast - Content the King of Search Ranking Success Why content is king for website ranking success Secret to ability for instant ranking for competitive keywords email Rush Hour Traffic with questions … [Read more...]

Why It is Called Search Engine Optimization

You have created a website and now find out that your site receives no traffic.  Like everyone else your first thought is I how do I rank #1 on Google for the keywords that are important to me.  For the first time in your life you are going to hear the term search engine optimization or SEO.  The key word in this phrase is optimization. Optimization is so important because it represent what we are doing, optimizing.  What most business owners don't understand is that we need something to optimize.  I want you to look at your competition which are the websites that rank for the keywords you want to in Google search results.  What you are looking for is how … [Read more...]