My business can not afford Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising Budget

Money is tight for every business and no matter how the current administration tries to spin the economic news, things are not getting better, at least not yet. If your business is savvy enough to survive this economy and climate then obviously your service or product is in demand enough to do well when consumers have more money to spend. So how can you position yourself now to be ready when things do turn around? Search engine optimization of your website and Internet marketing of your business is a cost effective way to increase your website traffic and your business traffic. But your saying you have priced quality SEO/SEM and it is out of range of your … [Read more...]

Internet Advertising Revenues Projected Up for 2010

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New forecasts project 2010 to be a good year for online advertising revenues.  MagnaGlobal Internet forecasting and analysis firm predicts Internet advertising revenues to rise 12.4% over 2009 revenues.  For 2011, they project another increase of 11.7% while maintaining a 11% increase over the next three years.  MagnaGlobal projects that world wide online advertising spending with reach $104 billion by 2015 with paid search making up 49% of the total spend.  The projection in 2010 will be $13 billion spent in paid search which represents 48% of total revenue. … [Read more...]

The pitfalls of in house google adwords accounts


So you have a good website and you have a staff of people to work on your website and manage the pay per click campaign. One of your office employees learns and understands the complicated Google AdWords system and they have had great results and a high ROI using and managing AdWords on a daily basis, or worse you have an employee manging your AdWords account who doesn’t know what they are doing. If you are not managing or monitoring your Adwords campaign on a daily basis I can guarantee you are losing money. So everything is fine with your Adwords campaign until suddenly the person who is managing it quits, gets fired, laid off, dies, or any number of reasons … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing One Third of All Marketing Dollars Spent by 2013

The economic downturn has reduced total dollars spent on marketing across the board, and internet marketing is no exception.  What isn't slowing down is the increase in market share internet marketing is taking away from more traditional marketing media. PriceWaterhouseCoopers in a new report estimates that internet marketing with be 36% of all marketing dollars spent by 2013.  One key factor in the increase on web marketing is the ever increasing availability of wi-fi and broadband cards allowing people to have access to internet almost every where they go. One clear sign that the change is coming toward internet advertising is from Group M, a media buying … [Read more...]